Episode 236 THE NEXT LEVEL: LYNN EASTON discusses JOSE VILLA Part 2 – Wedding Photography At Its Finest

Do you know how digital photos typically look different from pictures taken using film? Listen as Andy and Lynn discuss Jose’s new preset that allows him to use digital but still get the film look plus much more. Lynn Easton of Easton Events is a wonderful planner and designer based out of Charleston and Charlottesville who works worldwide. 

Jose Villa is a film photographer known for shooting wedding photos for celebrities and high profile clients. Jose was named one of the top Wedding Photographers in the world by Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Harper’s Bazaar. Jose has also been recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the decade by PDN.

Listen as Lynn shares what she admires about Jose and his work, and his ability to shoot Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding with only a week and a half’s notice. Andy and Lynn discuss Jose’s ability to shoot photos with a lot of emotion and how amazing and organized his team is. They also chat about Jose’s use of social media and how he answers each email, DM, and text himself. 

Jose is one of those unique individuals that go above and beyond. So much so that Lynn says when he shoots events with her, he always has images to her by the end of the night or the next morning at the latest. Andy and Lynn can’t say enough great things about Jose, so hit play and enjoy!

Episode 235 JOSE VILLA: Wedding Photography At Its Finest

Andy and Jose hopped on the line, Friday March 13th, to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on the event industry and their businesses as a prelude to the regular interview.

Listen as Andy and Jose discuss many topics, including the celebrity weddings he photographed in 2019. There is so much to learn from Jose, regardless of whether or not you are a photographer.

If you are not familiar with his work, Jose Villa is primarily a film photographer, named one of the top Wedding Photographers in the world by Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Harper’s Bazaar. Jose has also been recognized as one of the most influential photographers of the decade by PDN.

Listen as Jose shares how the level of the weddings he does has changed and what he feels when shooting celebrity weddings. In 2019, Jose did the photography for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s weddings, two of the most high profile weddings he last last year. Jose also speaks about the cameras and lenses he uses and the presets that are now available that makes digital photos look like film.

Have you ever grabbed one camera, one lens, and just started composing images? Jose speaks about how much he likes to change things up, even after being in the business for the last eighteen years. He shares about those moments he waits a whole wedding to shoot, clients that require a lot of attention and how that pays off, and his strategy with social media.

Jose is very humble and grateful for what he has achieved, and has more he wants to accomplish. Jose shoots about twenty weddings a year now and the intricacies of each event keeps him plenty busy. Listening to Jose is always a pleasure and you don’t want to miss this conversation!

Episode 229 THE NEXT LEVEL: RACHEL BIRTHISTLE discusses JOSE VILLA/Part 1 – Redefining Success With Fine Art Photography

Do you prefer to take photographs digitally or with film? Listen as Andy and Rachel discuss Jose Villa and why he uses film almost exclusively. Rachel is the Owner and CEO of The Lake Como Wedding Planner based in Como, Italy. She works with clients directly but also has the pleasure of morphing into the local team for many foreign agencies such as planners in the states like Lisa Vorce on Chrissy Tegan and John Legend’s wedding, Colin Cowie, and many more. 

Jose Villa is a celebrity photographer known for crafting vibrant, fine art images that are as unique as the people in the photographs. Jose has been published in many magazines around the world and was listed in the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by the American Photo Magazine. This interview from two years ago is being re-released to get you ready for Part 2 coming out in a few weeks.

Rachel has worked with Jose many times and shares how focused he is on-site, his underlying intuition and empathy when shooting weddings. They chat about how important it is to connect with the client, whether you are the photographer, the planner, the entertainment, or any other creative partner in the industry. The more you feel connected and know the client, the more you want to do a better job because you have a personal bond with them.

Listen, as Andy and Rachel discuss how guests taking pictures with their phones can get in the way during the ceremony and why they should just sit back and let the professional photographers do their jobs. Plug into this episode and keep a lookout for Part 2 in the next few weeks.