Episode 441 REVISIT PRESTON BAILEY: Designer for the Ages

The year is 1980. The place is New York City, and the person is Preston Bailey, who at the time was just looking for a way to pay the bills and not get evicted from his apartment. What started as a small-time floral business blossomed into what we know as Preston Bailey’s immaculate and stunning […]

Episode 416 PRESTON BAILEY: Creativity as a Muscle and More!

Joining Andy this week is returning guest (and host of another podcast as part of The Wedding Biz Network) Preston Bailey! Preston is the premier international event designer for a client roster that includes celebrities, royalty, CEOs, and athletes! He has had a number of art installations with showcases in cities including but not limited […]

Episode 321 PRESTON BAILEY’S Big Announcement!

Andy is excited for this special episode with floral and event designer Preston Bailey. Listen as they discuss how Preston is handling the pandemic both personally and professionally, what he’s learned about himself, and how he’s using the slow down to further his path both personally and in the industry. Preston also has a big announcement he is sharing with us, plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Preston shares how he is handling the pandemic and what he has learned during 2020. Preston discusses how he thinks the event industry will change once the pandemic has been eradicated. He believes that event professionals will need to become better salespeople because consumers will want more value for their money.

Preston is hosting his own podcast called Stop and Smell the Roses! Listen as he shares why this is a dream come true and the content listeners can expect to hear. Preston also speaks about his segment called Dear Preston, where he will answer listeners’ questions live on air. His podcast will air every other Thursday starting January 14th on The Wedding Biz Network. See you there!

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Episode 265 PRESTON BAILEY: Racial Injustice, A Conversation

I wanted to give floral designer Preston Bailey a platform to share his thoughts, given what is currently going on with the protests and increased public consciousness about race relations. As usual, Preston allows himself to be vulnerable and refreshingly direct. We touch on his personal experience, experiencing racism for the first time, when he moved to New York City from Panama at the age of 19. Preston also talks about his early and continued experiences, as a black man, working in the event industry. And he gives wonderful advice, to people of color, both in and out of events. Please enjoy this very special episode of A Conversation With: Preston Bailey.

Episode 89 THE NEXT LEVEL: Preston Bailey: Part 2 Interview

In this episode of THE NEXT LEVEL, Andy and Melissa are focused on the most impactful parts of Preston Bailey’s second interview with Andy. Preston has been in the wedding business almost 40 years, so he has a tremendous amount of knowledge to share.