Have you ever wondered how can you work and travel the world at the same time? Today’s guest not only does just that, but also excels in her industry planning and designing weddings and events worldwide. Working with top vendors such as caterer Paula LeDuc, she is always seeking projects that expose her to new challenges.  

Alison Hotchkiss, of Alison Events, is not only a destination wedding planner all over the world, but she also finds time to write books! Growing up with the passion to plan Alison went to college at Colorado State College, earning a degree in natural resource recreation and tourism since they did not have anything with event planning. From moving to LA, with her sister, to planning her first weddings in Tahoe and then Hawaii, Alison has the natural ability to travel and plan your wedding with ease. Join us now as she shares her voyage on traveling to far-flung places.

Show Highlights:

  • Corporate event planning and transitioning into Wedding Planning
  • Not working 24/7 in order to stay balanced
  • Attracting clients that fit best with Alison and the importance of trust between them
  • Utilizing technology in a whole new way
  • Choosing locations and working with vendors in far-flung corners of the world
  • Dealing with long distance, language, and cultural barriers
  • Some details on weddings in Japan and France
  • General process when Alison meets clients
  • Handling unforeseen challenges
  • Business aspect and starting the business
  • Alison’s first book on Destination weddings (Destination Wedding Planner) –Check it out!
  • Alison’s second book, All The Essentials Wedding Planner: a binder to help you stay organized.
  • Juggling life and still finding time to write books
  • “Event Space Consulting” second business Alison established with Jesse Tombs
  • Balancing work, life and family
  • A quick glimpse into Alison’s daily routines


Instagram: @weddingbizshow

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