“An event is theatrical, and it’s more than just a wedding or an event; it brings people together.” This is what fuels the passion that Bruce Russell has for planning weddings and events. His goal with each event is to produce the most memorable experience possible. Listen as he shares how he started in the industry and his journey to success. 

Bruce is the owner and managing director of By Bruce Russell, based in London.  He is a planner, designer and coordinates wedding parties and other events around the globe. He was awarded Best Wedding Planner by Belle International Bridal Awards and has been featured in International Publications such as Brides, Mayfair Magazine, and Hello Fashion, to name a few. He is the co-star of RTE Ireland’s production of My Big Day: Home or Away, with Tara Fay, and has appeared on many other TV shows.

Bruce shares his journey of growing up in a small fishing village in Nova Scotia to 

New York after 9/11 to end up in London. He speaks about leaving his corporate job, starting his event business, and the creative way he got his first clients plus the recognition that he needed. Bruce also talks about his process with prospective new clients and making sure that they understand how he works.

Listen in as they discuss Bruce and Tara Fay’s TV show My Big Day: Home or Away, what it’s like to have a camera follow you around, and how the two co-stars get along on and off the show. They also talk about Bruce and Tara’s YouTube channel, and how they are helping people with questions they don’t know to ask. Bruce is one of those guys who doesn’t take anything for granted and is a joy to listen to so you don’t want to miss this episode.

Show Highlights:

[02:23] Bruce, welcome to the show from Engage in Mexico.

[03:00] Bruce shares his upbringing in a tiny fishing village in Nova Scotia.

[05:02] In school, did you do anything that led you toward the career you have today?

[07:17] Bruce chats about working at a hotel after college for fifteen years, moving around the world with the Fairmont chain, and ending up in New York after 9/11.

[09:33] How did you end up in London?

[12:24] Bruce enjoyed hosting and entertaining people so much that he decided to launch his own event planning business.

[13:45] Were you scared to leave the corporate job and start your own business?

[15:20] Bruce shares how he used his previous contacts at the Savoy Hotel to get his first wedding clients and get his name out there.

[17:52] Bruce says that an event is theatrical, and it’s more than just a wedding or an event. It’s bringing people together.

[19:10] Bruce chats about his process when consulting with a prospective new client.

[22:22] Bruce believes that weddings are when couples are making their most significant financial decisions with their emotions.

[25:46] Bruce shares a story about a wedding he did in Marrakesh, which started the destination wedding side of his business. 

[28:15] How do you go about finding local experts whom you can trust?

[29:44] Bruce chats about flow and entertainment and what he means by that.

[30:48] He gives us an example of an event where the flow was interrupted, but the guests were so entertained that they never noticed.

[35:13] Since wedding planning is one of the top ten most stressful, how do you handle the stress? Does stress keep you focused?

[37:26] Bruce speaks about the TV show he hosts with Tara Fay and the concept of the show.

[40:40] Bruce tells us that he and Tara are experts, not influencers; they are trying to educate people on how to do things well.

[41:04] What is it like having a camera follow you around everywhere?

[43:55] Bruce chats about the new YouTube channel that he and Tara have to help people with things they don’t think to ask.

[45:04] Bruce shares how he balances everything he has on his plate.

[46:52] Thank you so much for being on the show, Bruce!


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