REVIST: If you’ve ever felt family pressure to pursue a certain career, then you can relate to today’s guest. When he realized the careers his family had chosen were not for him, he didn’t let it stop him. Today, you’ll hear the story of forging a completely new path and struggling, but being determined enough to succeed at the highest levels, as told by the amazing Bryan Rafanelli!

Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli events grew up in Rhode Island with an Italian family and was taught to be his own boss. Bryan’s passion in crafts was encouraged by the women in his family. Bryan went to college in Syracuse and in his senior year of college, he just knew he could not be a lawyer. Bryan always had in the back of his mind he wanted to go to art school, though he knew he still wanted to be successful.

Bryan started his own company designing events, and Rafanelli Events was born and has made him one of the best planners in the world.

Show Highlights:

  • Growing up self-made, and his passions
  • Deciding not to go to law school in his senior year of college
  • Bryan’s first job
  • Beginning to volunteer for non-profits
  • Going to Boston architecture school at night for design
  • Bryan started Rafanelli Events and was in debt
  • Bryan now has 3 offices with over 30 employees, and 75-100 events a year!
  • How Bryan handles the business and makes it grow
  • Why Bryan loves the business side as well as the creative
  • How Bryan balances his personal life with the business


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