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Episode 115 Lynn Easton: Destination Weddings with a Classic Touch, Part 1

In this week’s episode, Andy and Lynn talk all things business, family, and pleasure, and how she truly does it all. She shares her take on what an Easton event really is, what she attributes most to her success, and how she and her husband are taking on now more than ever in the business- and still loving it. Lynn also gives pointers to other up and coming event planners on where to focus efforts most to get the more clientele. This perceptive interview is a perfect reminder of how someone with a strong vision and a great business plan can create one of the world’s most sought-after companies. The full interview is available now.

Episode 111 David Stark: Creativity in Design, Creativity in Business

“You’re only as good as your last party.” This old adage is something that renowned event producer and designer David Stark holds in high regard. David has produced events for noteworthy celebrities like Glenn Close and Brad Pitt, organizations like Saturday Night live, the Whitney Museum, and the Metropolitan Opera, has 5 books published, and the list goes on in similar fashion.