Episode 94 Ceci Johnson: Designing Stationery, Lifestyle and Business

This episode features Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York. We have the privilege to listen to how Ceci built her business from the ground up. Ceci of New York is an artist and designer of not only invitations and stationery but art and branding materials as well. Ceci tells stories of her client’s life in her design of invitations and stationery, and about being in the business of happiness.

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Episode 56 Harmony Walton: The Bridal Bar and Jet Fete

It takes but a moment to see that Harmony Walton’s path to success had everything to do with how she handled perceived challenges along the way. Her career is marked by her own fearless ability to focus on giving direction to her dreams and focus on doing work that she loved and would succeed at. She credits her work with a well-known Hollywood Celebrity as the best training she could have had, especially when it comes to high touch client service. 

About Harmony:

Harmony Walton is the founder of The Bridal Bar and a luxury destination wedding and honeymoon blog, Jet Fete. She hosts Bridal Bar Radio, powered by Clear Channel, airing weekly and on demand at iHeart Radio.  Since it’s inception, The Bridal Bar has been featured in over 100 media outlets, including The New Yorker, The NY Times, Entertainment Tonight, People magazine, Martha Steward Weddings, US Weekly, and many, many more. She also has over a decade in marketing, consulting, and brand-representation experience in the luxury wedding industry. Some of her celebrity clientele include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, and Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly. As a wedding business consultant and wedding expert, she speaks frequently worldwide to both consumers and companies.

Show Highlights:

  • Harmony grew up in San Diego, went to UCLA, and worked for Dustin Hoffman’s family for 3 years 
  • Why she wanted to do something completely different from everyone else in her family
  • How her competitive nature manifested itself brought challenges that led to success
  • At 24, she started her first business, always knowing she would find her way to entrepreneurship
  • How she took a course on how to be a wedding planner, and it made it clear to her that wedding planning wasn’t necessarily for her
  • The biggest lessons she took from her work for the Hoffmans 
  • Truly understanding the service side of what it takes to create parties and luxury events
  • Having a focus on legacy clients: becoming AND remaining the person everyone wants to work with
  • How Harmony maintains relationships with great communication, attending networking events, always remaining organic, authentic, and true to who she really is
  • How little gestures of “thank you” can go a long way
  • When she took a job in a Hollywood PR firm for 9 months and had an “I can’t go back there ever again” moment
  • How she started a gifting business, and discovered something more enjoyable
  • How she traded content for advertising in Inside Weddings
  • How the idea of The Bridal Bar came about, even though Inside Weddings wasn’t interested in her original pitch
  • Being open to pivoting, learning not to give up, changing when you need to, and staying ahead
  • Why you shouldn’t be disappointed with your failures
  • The mission statement for The Bridal Bar: to “educate and inspire couples in order to influence their vendor decisions”
  • How The Bridal Bar works, as a marketing agency for vendors and as a free service to the public: “an interactive concierge experience”
  • Why many creative businesses struggle with the business side
  • The consulting side of The Bridal Bar and how it grew as Harmony tried to help other businesses
  • The ability to successfully market with creativity
  • Working with social media platforms, and how it can be  “a necessary evil
  • Going deeper to create emotional connection
  • Harmony’s biggest Master Class tips to take your biz to the next level
    • It IS who you know
    • It costs more than you think and less than you have
    • The hustle / “bootstrap” mentality is important






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Episode 51 Lisa Gooder, Brides Magazine: The Passion of Storytelling

Lisa Gooder was always passionate about telling stories. No matter the workplace– from artifact appraisals to digital media, to Lisa, the way a story could connect others and draw interest were obvious. Enter her break into the wedding industry, where the story has been culturally set for decades – that is, until Lisa began to see changes in the demographic and wanted to help tell their honest stories.

Get ready to dive deep with Lisa on how she’s seen the answer to the question, “why get married?” change drastically over the years, why that matters, and what it means for brands in the wedding industry.

About Lisa Gooder:

Lisa Gooder has been at the intersection of digital media and the wedding industry for years – from her time working at The Knot to her current position as Executive Director for Brides Magazine. Lisa attended Brown University and lives in New York with her family.

Show Highlights:

  • Lisa’s early eclectic career beginnings that immersed her in storytelling
  • Why Lisa put off going to college
  • The funny story of being turned down for an internship at Conde Nast
  • How Lisa ended up researching dinosaur bones at her first job
  • The unexpected way Lisa broke into weddings and digital media
  • Experiences from working at The Knot when it was a start-up
  • Lisa discusses how she thinks wedding culture has changed over time
  • Why marriage now is more of a choice than ever
  • How Lisa has helped to reimagine the Brides brand
  • The role of female empowerment in the wedding industry
  • How Lisa has balanced raising a family and progressing her career
  • Stress dreams Lisa has heard of (and had) before weddings
  • The type of content Brides looks for, to tell engaging stories

Links Mentioned in the Show:

Lisa Gooder on Instagram – @lisagooder