Episode 5 Bryan Rafanelli: Telling Clients’ Stories Through Event Design

Bryan Rafanelli’s exquisite sense of style, attention to detail and ability to transform clients’ visions into unforgettable celebrations have made him a go-to planner for the nation’s most exclusive and high-profile events. Andy talks with Bryan about how he became a world-class events designer, and they discuss the business of creativity and the creativity of business.

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Episode 3 David Beahm: Risk & Synchronicity

David Beahm, world-class wedding designer and planner, known for his inventive work and trademark lavish flower creations, has designed countless weddings for society, high profile and discerning clients, including Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, as well as a host of celebrity and Fortune 500 corporate events.

I had fun and fascinating conversation with David at his beautiful farm, “Thistle Dew Farm” in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, where—when not producing world-class events—he stays grounded by keeping his hands in the dirt growing wildflowers, production flowers, herbs and vegetables.

In this episode, we learn a lot about David and how got there from here—his early days as a teacher, his deep background in music and musical theater, and the leaps of faith that enabled little and big synchronicities alike.