Episode 153 THE NEXT LEVEL with JULIE SABATINO Discussing CARL RAY, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Carl Ray, celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, has mastered the art of highlighting the inner beauty of each individual client. And, in the service industry, how you make people feel is the most important part of the job. Today, Andy Kushner and Julie Sabatino of The Stylish Bride dissect Carl’s recent interview into tangible ideas and tips to help you apply them to your business. To learn more about how to empower your clients, create a sense of comfort in vulnerability for others, and how to manifest authenticity, tune into this episode of The Next Level.

Show Highlights:

  • Empowering clients and bringing out their inner beauty
  • Creating a personal connection with clients
  • Making clients feel comfortable in their vulnerability
  • Being authentic and open with personal insecurities
  • Highlighting unique characteristics about each individual
  • Finding a way to push clients out of their comfort zone while still respecting their boundaries
  • Creating opportunity for yourself


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Julie’s Interview on The Wedding Biz 8/13/18

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Episode 62 THE NEXT LEVEL: Tara Dowburd, Makeup Therapy: “Achieving Success in the Client Experience”


This episode of The Next Level dives deeper into the interview with Tara Dowburd. You may be wondering what a makeup designer can tell you about your business, but Tara is full of great ideas.

Andy and Melissa discuss the particular wisdom that Tara shared about networking for your business. As someone whose business depends on relationships, networking has been the key to propel Tara to success.

In this episode, Andy and Melissa also mention Bryan Rafanelli’sshow, as well as Lynn Easton’s show. So if you have not listened to either of those shows yet, please check them out!

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Episode 61 Tara Dowburd, Makeup Therapy: “Achieving Success in the Client Experience”

Tara Dowburd has always known that creativity needs to be at the center of her career. She’s an artist. What she didn’t expect was that makeup would be her medium. But after seeing how involved she could be in the lives of her clients and the craft of building confidence inside and out, she realized there was no other place that would be more suitable for her.

After spending over 20 years in the field, Tara has the skills and experience to give solid business advice in the wedding and event makeup realm.

About Tara Dowburd:

Born just outside Philadelphia, Tara Dowburd moved to LA and founded Make-Up Therapy, where she and her hand-selected Beauty Team specialize in hair and makeup for celebrities and other high-end clients– from red carpet to weddings and more. A few notable clients include Fergie, Kristen Bell, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, and more.

Show Highlights:

  • How Tara named her business, Make-Up Therapy
  • Tara’s earliest memories of makeup, and her first reactions to it
  • Why Tara thought she’d never get into makeup
  • Her experience moving across the country with no job, and what happened next
  • How Tara got her first high-end makeup gig before even she had a beauty kit
  • The way Tara helps her clients to be themselves through their wedding day makeup
  • How to prioritize being present with your client through all the event logistics
  • Tara explains how it’s different working with men’s makeup vs women’s makeup
  • How to work well with wedding and event photographers
  • Weather and environmental factors to consider when you do professional makeup
  • Tara shares some of her go-to products, plus tips for buying your own
  • How Tara secures a stable team and returning clients


Links Mentioned in the Show:

Tara Dowburd on Instagram and Twitter- @makeuptherapy

Tara Dowburd on Facebook

Make-Up Therapy