Episode 68 Mark Held: A Lifetime Of Floral Innovation

Mark Held didn’t originally see himself as a florist. His first arrangement– a project assigned to him at summer camp as a young boy– turned out to be poison ivy. But after a successful dance and theater career as a young adult, Mark wanted to continue his creative expression. His partner, Richard David, had just the outlet: a flower shop he was opening up. And he convinced Mark to join him for a bit. At the time, Mark thought it would be a temporary arrangement.

Fast forward a couple decades, and Mark Held is a prominent name in floristry. As a grounded, creative mind, he believes that flowers “breathe life into events” and is always looking forward to the future of his business and clients.

In this episode, Mark shares his perspective on career development, crafting a quality event, and the way he navigates the Hollywood scene as a professional florist.

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Episode 56 Harmony Walton: The Bridal Bar and Jet Fete

It takes but a moment to see that Harmony Walton’s path to success had everything to do with how she handled perceived challenges along the way. Her career is marked by her own fearless ability to focus on giving direction to her dreams and focus on doing work that she loved and would succeed at. She credits her work with a well-known Hollywood Celebrity as the best training she could have had, especially when it comes to high touch client service. 

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Episode 53 David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

If you’ve heard of David Tutera, you know he’s done it all.  He’s a leading expert in the wedding and entertaining business with a list of accomplishments almost too long to mention.

From sharing how he found himself in the events industry, to his foresight for where the industry is going, David dishes on everything you want to know-with the incredible motivation you need.

About David Tutera:

Originally from New York, David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner and designer, author of seven books, television personality, and bridal fashion and wedding accessories designer.

His work has graced television for 14 years, from regular spots on The View to his own collection of television series like My Fair Wedding. David has created weddings and events for Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Barbara Walters, the White House, the Grammy Awards, and countless others.

David currently lives in Malibu, California with his husband Joey, daughter Ceilo, and their rescue dog Lucy.

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