Episode 343 THE NEXT LEVEL: Sean Low Discusses BENTLEY MEEKER – Lighting Design That Speaks on a Physiological and Spiritual Level

“Light creates the environment, the environment creates the mood, and the mood creates the experience.” – Bentley Meeker
Today’s guest co-host, to discuss Bentley Meeker’s interview from Monday, is Sean Low. Sean’s consulting firm, The Business of Being Creative is focused on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. Sean’s client list includes the who’s who of the wedding industry and design community. And Sean has a podcast on The Wedding Biz Network, called The Business of Being Creative  as well as a wonderful blog at thebusinessofbeingcreative.com

Bentley is a New York City-based contemporary artist and lighting designer. He is the President of his own company Bentley Meeker Lighting and Staging Inc., specializing in lighting, audio-video staging, and rigging. A brief listing of his notable clients includes White House State Dinners, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Claudia Schiffer, Eddie Murphy, Heidi Klum, Martha Stewart, and the Sex in the City cast. Some musical acts he’s worked with include Beyonce, Jay Z, Aerosmith, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, and many more.


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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Sean Low, Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC.

Sean Low Episode 41 on The Wedding Biz

Sean Low Episode 248 on The Wedding Biz

The Business of Being Creative LLC

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Episode 341 THE NEXT LEVEL: Kurt Macher discusses RICHARD EAGLETON/McQueens Flowers – Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

Richard is the CEO of McQueens Flowers, the internationally renowned luxury floral design brand and flower school. Founded in London’s east end in 2001 with customers in Mexico, the United States, Japan, France, Korea, Kuwait, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, and Australia. They have provided flowers for Vanity Fair’s Oscars afterparty for the last twenty-five years and were the floral design partner for the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s Wimbledon Champions Ball and the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards.

Kurt Macher is our guest co-host and is the General Manager of the absolutely stunning Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London.

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Episode 339 THE NEXT LEVEL: LAUREN DICKENS discusses LISA ZACHERY – Embodying True Passion in Stationery

Andy welcomes Lauren Dickens to the show as his guest co-host for today’s episode. Lauren is the Founder and lead planner and designer with Elle Audrey, a luxury planning and design company based in NYC and their tag line is “distinctively designed with you in mind.”

Lisa is the CEO and Creative Director of Papered Wonders. As stationers, they design, create and produce exquisite wedding stationery that represents the love and passion shared by the couple. All of their designs are unique and share a piece of the love story unfolding during the time leading up to the wedding. Papered Wonders is also a custom design and print studio, and Lisa also assists other business owners in crafting their best look on paper and other collateral.

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Episode 337 THE NEXT LEVEL: SEAN LOW discusses IRA LEVY – Tastefully Using Technology to Create Lighting Designs

Andy welcomes Sean Low back to the show. Sean is the owner of the consulting firm The Business of Being Creative, which focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. He also has a podcast on The Wedding Biz Network called The Business of Being Creative.

Listen as they discuss Ira Levy, the Creative Director of Levy NYC Design & Production, a full-service design and production company focused on lighting, sound, and video for events, architecture, and what he calls architainment. Ira has been the lighting designer for such event luminaries as Preston Bailey and Colin Cowie. Past clients include Martha Stewart Weddings, Dolce Gabbana, and the American Museum of Natural History.

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Episode 333 THE NEXT LEVEL: LAURIE ARONS discusses ERICH MCVEY/Combining Documentary and Fine Art Style Photography

Andy welcomes Laurie Arons back to The Next Level. Laurie is with Laurie Arons Special Events. She has been featured in numerous magazine publications and was listed in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and Martha Stewart Weddings as one of the top planners worldwide. Listen as they discuss how Erich got his start in photography and how important he feels it is to keep his passion for the art without getting lost in the business side, plus much more. 

Erich McVey is a wedding, portrait, and editorial film photographer with a love for medium format cameras, natural light, and incredible scenery. Erich was named by Harpers Bazaar, Brides, and Martha Stewart Weddings as one of the world’s best wedding photographers and twice selected as film Photographer of the Year. 

Listen as Laurie gives her insights into Erich’s preference of shooting with film instead of digital, how she loves the look of film and only works with such photographers for her events. Laurie talks about how she gets butterflies before an event because it’s so intense and there is so much on the line. Laurie also discusses what she looks for when hiring a photographer, for her events, and why she loves Erich’s style and the way he shoots photographs.

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