Episode 62 THE NEXT LEVEL: Tara Dowburd, Makeup Therapy: “Achieving Success in the Client Experience”


This episode of The Next Level dives deeper into the interview with Tara Dowburd. You may be wondering what a makeup designer can tell you about your business, but Tara is full of great ideas.

Andy and Melissa discuss the particular wisdom that Tara shared about networking for your business. As someone whose business depends on relationships, networking has been the key to propel Tara to success.

In this episode, Andy and Melissa also mention Bryan Rafanelli’sshow, as well as Lynn Easton’s show. So if you have not listened to either of those shows yet, please check them out!

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Episode 60 THE NEXT LEVEL: Kevin Lee: Dedication and Finding the Flair

Join Andy and Melissa for today’s Next Level episode, where they break down the amazing interview with Kevin Lee. Kevin sat down with Andy and shared his story of coming to the US and in the process, completely changing careers. What started as a love for flowers, quickly blossomed into the event planning business he has today. Kevin became known for some of the most glamorous events and his over the top flair for artistry made him a beloved movie character.

Andy and Melissa dive deeper into the strategies that Kevin shared and they pull out the practical tips that you can use to build your business.

In this episode, Andy and Melissa also mention Preston Bailey’s episode, so if you haven’t listened to that one yet, check it out here.


Episode 57 THE NEXT LEVEL: Harmony Walton – The Bridal Bar and Jet Fete

Join Andy Kushner and Melissa Fancy as they digest the value-packed episode with Harmony Walton!

Tune into this episode to get some major insight on how to maintain a creative and flourishing business with multiple revenue streams!

Show Highlights:

  • Everyone looks at every detail of a wedding
  • Keeping relationships alive and nurtured
  • Becoming a person everyone wants to work with
  • Writing handwritten “thank you” notes
  • Never letting limitations get in your way
  • Keeping an open mind when things don’t go as planned
  • Being willing to embrace change
  • Look at what you already have and improve it



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Episode 54 THE NEXT LEVEL: David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

In this companion episode of David Tutera’s interview, Andy and Melissa Fancy take a deeper dive into the strategies that David shared.

David insists that you don’t have to love your clients, as long as you love what you do for your clients. This concept and many more are discussed in this episode of THE NEXT LEVEL!

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Episode 52 THE NEXT LEVEL: Lisa Gooder, Brides Magazine: The Passion of Storytelling

Join The Wedding Biz host, Andy Kushner, and Marketing Director Melissa Fancy as they break down Lisa Gooder’s interview. Lisa Gooder is the Executive Director of Brides Magazine.

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  • Exclusivity in the wedding industry
  • Why you want to be a “friendor”, not a vendor
  • How social media has forever changed the wedding landscape for both the couples and industry professionals
  • The case for social media in your business
  • Why relationships really do matter at the end of the day

Join us right here each week as Andy and Melissa dig deeper into the expert interviews and give you tips, tricks, and strategies to take your business to the next level!

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