“Diane has impeccable taste and style, she is a style queen” Andy and John Emmanuel discuss Diane’s social media following, and why she believes the more genuine you are on your feed, the more prospective clients will understand your style and who you are as a designer. John is Australia’s premier floral designer who appeared on The Wedding Biz in January, find the link to his episode here

Diane Khoury is a Sydney-based event planner, with over 360,000 Instagram followers. Diane Khoury Weddings and Events has been credited for revolutionizing the planning, styling, and concept design of luxury weddings and events in and out of Australia. With her financial background, she can meld the creative and business sides of her company to create a uniquely successful business.

John handles the floral design for most of Diane’s events, and really has to understand what she wants so he can make it happen. Listen as they speak about the imagery she described from a christening she did in Lebanon, and how special she made her son’s virtual birthday party by sending all the kids gift bags with props for the party to their houses.

Diane has been in the industry for a relatively brief time to have achieved all that she has accomplished. She is an example of what you can do with hard work, determination, and the guts to take a chance. 

Also, Andy is announcing the official launch of his new podcast network called The Wedding Biz Network, in which he will produce podcasts for other people in the event industry, with Sean Low being its first member. Sean’s show now comes out every Tuesday and stay tuned for more new show announcements coming soon.



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Show Highlights:

  • [01:55] Welcome back to the show, John!
  • [03:25] John agrees with Diane that with the pandemic, everyone needs to look at the positive.
  • [03:52] They speak about the virtual birthday party that Diane threw for her son.
  • [04:59] John shares that Diane has impeccable taste and style and how personable she is on social media.
  • [06:23] John chats about doing some personal content on Instagram Live and how it has been positively received.
  • [07:51] Andy and John discuss the imagery Diane described for a christening she planned and designed in Lebanon.
  • [08:30] John shares that he does the floral design for about 95% of Diane’s events.
  • [09:04] John speaks about Diane being his client and that he has to really understand what she wants so he can make it happen.
  • [11:48] They discuss how successful Diane is even though she has only been in the industry for a relatively brief time.
  • [12:27] John speaks about Diane’s financial background and how she takes care of her client’s budgets.
  • [13:20] How do you handle the financial side of your business? 
  • [14:27] John handles the creative and his wife handles the business side of their company.
  • [15:25] John, thank you so much for being on the show!


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