This is a second appearance with Simon T. Bailey. His is a very popular Speaker, author and leader of the “brilliance movement” – helping more than 1 million people find their brilliance, shift their thinking and produce sustainable results. According to The Speakers Experts, Simon is one of America’s top ten most booked corporate and association speakers. In 2015 Simon was inducted into the prestigious National Speakers Association Hall of Fame. Speaker magazine cited Simon as one of the top 25 “hot speakers” shaping the profession.  And, in 2018, he was awarded one of  “25 successful people who’ll help change your life in 2018.”   His popular “Building Business Relationships” micro-learning course has been viewed by 10,000+ professionals in 100 countries. He has spoken on six continents to 1,000+ organizations.

In today’s episode, Andy discusses life during the current pandemic, with Simon, and asks how he keeps up his motivation during the slow-down. Simon gives his perspective on pivoting, how to consider whether or not it’s even necessary, and how he recommend we approach the concept.

Simon also has a frank conversation with Andy sharing his thoughts about the issue of racial injustice, given the recent and on-going national protests. Andy asks Simon what he would advise young people of color consider in navigating this difficult and challenge issue in today’s society. He also asks Simon how he recommend others think about and discuss the issue.

Simon is a gifted talent and we are so happy to have him on the show again!

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