Today’s guest co-host, for The Next Level, is Sean Low. Sean’s consulting firm, The Business of Being Creative is focused on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. Sean’s client list includes the who’s who of the wedding industry and design community. Check out Sean’s podcast, on The Wedding Biz Network,  The Business Of Being Creative at

We are discussing Holly Chapple’s interview, from last Monday. She is a popular event and floral designer who is the owner and President of Holly Chapple Flowers. She not only executes beautiful weddings and events but also operates Hope Flower Farm out of Loudoun County, Virginia, a flower farm and key floral source for her design work and the base camp for in-person education. Holly also leads a collective of designers from all over the world Via Chaple Designers. Her floral work has been published in numerous publications including Martha Stewart, Southern Living, Brides, Southern Weddings, Elegant Bride, and Weddings Unveiled.



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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Sean Low, Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC.

Sean Low Episode 41 on The Wedding Biz

Sean Low Episode 248 on The Wedding Biz

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Sean Low Episode 41 on The Wedding Biz

Sean Low Episode 248 on The Wedding Biz