A hallmark of a world-class event designer like Matthew Robbins is to be able to gently lead clients from what they say they want to an event that represents the best of who they are.

In our conversation, Matthew generously shares his process for creating events that resonate, and how he connects with clients to make that happen. We also talk about balancing work and personal lives, which gets especially interesting (and rewarding!) when your professional and life partner is the same person.

Matthew Robbins Design is a luxury event planning firm with a focus on design and production for weddings and special events. For over 15 years they’ve produced events all over the world, from intimate dinner parties to weekend-long celebrations. Their hallmark is creating collaborative experiences, where they listen closely to clients and share in the creative process. Via sister company RobbinsOtoya, Matthew and his team focus on our destination events with a special connection to Central and South America, the Caribbean and Mexico, in addition to having created destination events in countries such as Italy, France, Guatemala, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico, and Japan.


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