The only thing more magical than a destination wedding is putting it in print to share with the world. Today Jennifer Stein, Editor-In-Chief, Co-Founder, and publisher of Destination I Do Magazine, shares where she got her inspiration to begin her journey as a destination wedding specialist.

Jennifer has insightful tips for anyone wanting to plan their own destination wedding or get involved in the industry. To hear more about Jennifer’s exciting travels, advice for starting up a business, and broadening horizons in all aspects of life, join Andy Kushner in this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Show Highlights:

  • The importance of being raised without boundaries as a female entrepreneur
  • The transformative moment when Jennifer realized what she wanted to do
  • Taking a leap and going full force
  • Financial misconceptions of running a print business
  • Learning from our mistakes and embracing obstacles
  • Having faith in yourself and your product
  • Tips for couples paying for a destination wedding
  • Tips for someone who wants to get involved in the destination wedding industry
  • Becoming educated on destinations and documenting your trips
  • Venturing out and expanding to other countries with resources
  • Determining if an advertising opportunity is worth the investment
  • Why print isn’t dead


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