Mark Ingram has spent his life studying, admiring, and sharing fashion. After spending years in the fashion industry in various positions, he decided to open his own boutique bridal salon in New York City called Mark Ingram Atelier. His new line of wedding dresses are now available worldwide, which can currently be seen in person in his atelier.

Mark shares how his family influenced his love of fashion and how it shaped his passion. A true connoisseur of taste and style, he reveals his process for choosing designers represented in his store. He believes that each and every bride should be listened to, heard, and catered to when they walk into his salon.

In this episode, learn how Mark got his start in the fashion industry, his transition to owning his own store, and how he built his brand within the bridal industry. For many years he’s been asked about his line of dresses, that didn’t exist, until now. You won’t want to miss all the wonderful tips Mark shares from preparing for trunk shows to managing bridal expectations.

Show Highlights:

[01:26] This week’s guest is Mark Ingram of Mark Ingram Atelier and we are diving deep into his inspiration, his past, and his process.

[02:53] Mark and Andy share their mutual closeness with their grandparents and for Mark, how that relationship molded his view of fashion.

[06:31] Mark shares that he had an innate passion for fashion along with the familial environment.

[09:09] We travel back to the 70s when Mark was in high school. He was in an arts high school and focused on music.

[11:58] It’s a small world, both he and Andy worked at IBM for a while…

[12:36] The IBM trip was a blip for Mark, he returned to Bergdorf Goodman as an associate buyer in the couture department.

[16:10] At Mark Ingram Atelier they do not believe in hard selling, it’s all about the experience.

[19:06] Despite it being a post-9/11 world, Mark moved forward in opening his own store in 2002.

[21:36] Mark chooses each designer based on the point of view of their collection and his instinctual feelings on whether they would be good partners.

[23:41] Stylistically Mark leans toward modern-contemporary and regardless of style, all of the gowns have taste.

[29:06] When a bride comes into a bridal salon, you must listen to them. You have to lead them through their process without imposing your own beliefs on them.

[33:34] Mark dives into the evolution of the color and accessories that have moved wedding dresses away from ivory and white.

[35:46] Couture means that it’s being produced specifically for you with your measurements.  

[37:00] Mark shares information about his new line, Mark Ingram by Valentini.

[39:01] Learn what a trunk show is and how you should prepare for one.

[42:43] Mark chats about his extensive travel history and how that has filtered into his business when dealing with international markets and designers.

[46:57] Growing up in a family that valued inclusion and diversity made a huge impact on Mark’s adult life.

[51:05] Mark gives tips and tricks for how best to talk to brides about their dress.

[52:46] Hear how Mark defines success at this point in his life.



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