PR is actually a big part of lux weddings. Getting the word out in a positive light can build an exciting event that everyone wants to attend or at least hear about. Meghan Ely is a creative with marketing, PR, and wedding planning education and experience under her belt. In this podcast, she shares how she had an epiphany to niche down her business and combine the things she loved an knew.

She learned early on how to hone in on the right questions to find out what a client really wants their wedding to be like. She also makes extensive work of technology and writing to make sure the best-planned event is also one of the best-known events. Meghan shares her origin story and answers question all about PR, wedding planning, and how she was able to pull it all off. Along with tips for others trying to up their marketing, PR, or speaking game.

Show Highlights:

  • [00:37] Megan has always considered herself a pre-serial podcaster for years.
  • [00:53] She actually received clients from people talking about the importance of PR on the Wedding Biz Podcast.
  • [01:20] Meghan is now killing it with a Niche Wedding PR and Marketing Agency.
  • [01:55] She was inspired by her son’s career day where she had to describe her business and began to gain clarity about what she does and wants to do.
  • [03:21]  Early on, when she was a kid, Megan was interested in writing and creating magazines about celebrities.
  • [04:05] She even tried to get a journalism internship, but her interests really revolved around PR.
  • [04:49] She had a career epiphany while driving on her way to the store and thinking about the movie The Wedding Singer.  
  • [06:06] She was equally interested in the wedding planner and the PR side, but it took her a few more years to put it all together.
  • [06:37] She earned a PR degree, but kept getting pulled back to the wedding industry. She decided to try everything and worked with AmeriCorps for inner-city schools.
  • [07:30] She decided to work at Maymont Park, and she did 4 weddings on weekends and 8 birthdays.
  • [09:18] All of this hands-on experience and education was not put to waste as Meghan moved forward with her career.
  • [10:20] She learned how to ask pertinent questions when interviewing potential clients. Having an extensive background allows her to pull more information out.
  • [12:48] Meghan shares how she shares the emotional aspect of starting OFD Consulting. Hint — it revolves around health and changing her life. This was also a lesson in how plans change and evolve.
  • [18:16] Meghan shares how it was a leap of faith with only $600. She built a website and decided to niche down and combine her love of the wedding industry and PR. She was also very close to her first client. Guess who it was?
  • [20:35] Learn how a big light bulb went off when Meghan learned about opportunities and partnering with other vendors and resources.
  • [23:09] Meghan and her team are constantly asking what PR means and trying to get the message out. They are focusing on staying relevant to get published in today’s market.
  • [25:35] Keep your eye on pop culture. Whenever anything happens these can be opportunities to reach out and create an article or post.
  • [26:39] You can use resources like Redditt and Search Engines to keep up with trends and the latest happenings. Consistently is also key.
  • [28:40] Meghan gives tips and tricks about how to find and pitch exciting new and relevant content.
  • [30:32] Meghan shares tips about introducing yourself but not making it about yourself or too overwhelming.
  • [33:48] The best way to get the word out to your industry peers, starts in your own channels like your blog. You can also pitch to blogs that have sponsored posts and advertising. Speaking is also a great way to share your expertise.
  • [39:00] Meghan shares tips and questions to decide if you are a good fit to be a speaker.
  • [44:05] Meghan shares networking tips for becoming a thought leader.

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