“Growing is my daily goal, and I live every day to be better.” Listen in as Andy and his guest, Norma Cohen, discuss why she strives to grow daily, how getting rid of negative energy has helped her, some wild challenges she has been through since the last time she was on the show and what she does for fun on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Norma started her company Norma Cohen Productions nearly thirty years ago. She has planned numerous events at New York’s most iconic spaces and Europe’s most luxurious destinations. Norma has never needed to promote herself and has never even had a business card. Her success has always been through word of mouth. 

Listen in as Norma shares how she handles stress when producing elaborate events and how she handles challenges. Norma shares a story about building an event on a beach during hurricane season and how she overcame the challenges. She also describes what having three weddings in the same neighborhood at the same time looks like and how she made it all work.

Norma and Andy speak about how important music and lighting are when doing events and why she likes to use live bands. They also talk about how she finds her creative partners when she is planning and designing destination events. Norma has done it all and keeping each event different and unique is an art she has perfected.

Norma has so much to share in this Part 2 episode. So grab a drink, relax and push play.


Show Highlights:

[01:42] Norma, it’s so good to see you again!

[02:31] Norma speaks about the last year and a half and why she removed all negative energy from her life.

[06:37] Do you feel stressed when you put on these elaborate events even after all of these years?

[08:44] Norma shares a story about a wedding that was a challenge because of an extreme weather issue.

[11:29] Norma describes having three exact duplicate tents. All three looked different, and the clients all had different views.

[13:03] How do you plan and produce four elaborate events in ten days?

[14:32] Norma shares a story of another challenge she had last year with a wedding in Anguilla.

[19:01] Andy speaks about staying calm so that your team and clients don’t get anxious.

[20:16] Norma talks about how important lighting is at her events.

[22:09] How do you view music in your events?  

[24:56] Norma chats about often having bands on small stages because of space limitations in New York City.

[26:07] Norma shares about being good with numbers and budgets and how important staying on budget is.

[27:43] How do you find your creative partners when you do events locally, and when doing destination events?

[29:33] Norma discusses her goals and how she keeps from getting burned out.

[31:21] She talks about maintaining a balance between work and life.

[34:02] What would you tell your twenty-five-year-old self about getting into this industry? What advice do you have for someone just starting out in this business?

[35:12] Norma, thank you for being on the show again!




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