Episode 197 THE NEXT LEVEL: SEAN LOW Discusses VANESSA KRECKEL – Brand Development to Set you Apart.

Andy welcomes Sean Low to this episode of The Next Level! Sean is the Founder and President of The Business of Being Creative LLC, which focuses on providing practical advice to those in the business of being creative. His client list includes the elite of the wedding industry and the design community.

Vanessa is the Owner and Creative Director of Two Paper Dolls, a pioneering custom design house that feeds the desire for customization across all aspects of the wedding industry. TPD Design House services clients in the art of branding, website and logo development, and invitation design around the world.

Andy and Sean discuss Vanessa’s conviction to her start her own company, about being a risk-taker and her need to succeed even though there were bumps along the way. Sean talks about her being a culture specialist, and she understands that it’s not about telling the story to everyone. It’s about telling the story to those who care, knowing that the culture drives the story, not the other way around.

Listen in as they share their outlooks on the way Vanessa runs her company, how she includes everyone in the decision making and the meetings to bring new ideas to the team. She believes that if you let your employees feel invested, they work that much harder because they feel as if it is their company.

If you are looking to discover the secrets to Vanessa’s success, look no further. Andy and Sean suss out the real reasons behind her success and lay it out for all to see. This is the episode you will kick yourself for missing, so don’t.

Episode 159 THE NEXT LEVEL: JENNIFER STEIN Discusses MEGHAN ELY, Using PR and Marketing Techniques to Brand Yourself and Create the World’s Finest Weddings

In this episode of The Next Level, Andy Kushner and guest co-host, Jennifer Stein, discuss key topics from last week’s interview with Meghan Ely. Jennifer is the Owner, Publisher, and Editor in Chief of Destination I Do Magazine.

Welcome to another episode of The Next Level, in which I have a guest co-host, and the two of us talk about my recent interview of the week. This week we discuss how Meghan Ely was able to combine her love of marketing, PR, and wedding planning to carve a unique niche in the lux wedding industry. Another important topic that Meghan has a great handle on is the evolution of the industry. Jennifer and I discuss how important it is to stay relevant and not be dependent on other outlets for PR, marketing, or other revenue-generating activities. We also talk about outside the box thinking, pitching, and so much more.

Episode 158 MEGHAN ELY: Using PR and Marketing Techniques to Brand Yourself and Create the World’s Finest Weddings

PR is actually a big part of lux weddings. Getting the word out in a positive light can build an exciting event that everyone wants to attend or at least hear about. Meghan Ely is a creative with marketing, PR, and wedding planning education and experience under her belt. In this podcast, she shares how she had an epiphany to niche down her business and combine the things she loved an knew.

She learned early on how to hone in on the right questions to find out what a client really wants their wedding to be like. She also makes extensive work of technology and writing to make sure the best-planned event is also one of the best-known events. Meghan shares her origin story and answers question all about PR, wedding planning, and how she was able to pull it all off. Along with tips for others trying to up their marketing, PR, or speaking game.

Episode 139 Laurie Arons: Fast-Tracking To The Lux Level

We’ve all been told to “fake it till we make it,” but sometimes honesty and tenacity are all it really takes to succeed. Today’s guest, Laurie Arons, is a luxury event planner who has been named one of the top planners in the industry by esteemed magazines such as Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Martha Stewart Weddings.