I used to undervalue what I did for people because I didn’t want to price myself out of the market. But I knew that I had a premium service, and that leaving money on the table was stupid.

If that sounds familiar, you need Pricing for Profit.

It’s an online course that explains effective pricing strategies that took me years to learn, and tools and processes that took me thousands of dollars to create.

Valerie Gernhauser (a very successful event planner herself) shares not only her “laws of pricing” for wedding and event services, but also her actual pricing structure, total transparency into what she charges clients, and how she sells that value to clients. Plus, she shares all the tools and processes — example contracts, the sales process, the design process, and more — that you’ll use to jumpstart high-value pricing. Lifetime access means you review lessons whenever you need them. There’s a great private Facebook group where you can talk strategies and tactics with peers, and Valerie’s occasional “office hours” webinars are a great opportunity to get even more specific advice.

I’d have given about anything to have this course ten years ago. I’m glad that I can recommend it now.

Even if you don’t take the enormously helpful shortcut that this course represents, I urge you — stop pricing based on costs + margin, and start pricing based on your worth, and on the value you bring to people’s lives.

— Andy Kushner

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