“Luxury does not come without service. Service is luxury.” Today, CEO of HMR Designs, Rishi Patel, talks about how service and luxury work cohesively to create astonishing events and a mutually fulfilling experience for the client and their designers.

In this episode, Andy and Rishi focus on establishing connections, finding your position in life and in your career, and how to showcase your work. Join this week’s lighthearted and educational conversation on The Wedding Biz for tips on how you can catapult your career.

Show Highlights:

  • What makes service a luxury
  • Making the process a fulfilling and luxurious experience
  • What manifested and directed Rishi to find his passion
  • Finding yourself and being revitalized by traveling
  • The eye-opening experiences and inspiration that accompanies traveling
  • How networking can direct and impact the course of your career
  • Using social media to grow and benefit your business
  • Showcasing and marketing your work with social media
  • Creating an environment that evokes gratification
  • The art and benefit of using unconventional material
  • What the general process of creating an event looks like
  • The challenges of narrowing down taste
  • Manifesting clients’ specific ideas to fulfill their vision
  • Telling a story with every event
  • How Rishi fast-tracked his position in the company
  • The importance of having clear responsibilities in a company
  • Understanding the components and logistics that go behind managing a business
  • The importance of only committing to work that brings you fulfillment
  • Setting boundaries between work and personal life
  • Biggest changes within the event industry over recent years
  • How social media has brought more transparency and exposure to the event industry
  • Staying fresh and interesting
  • Experiences that keep Rishi grounded in his work
  • Following your heart and finding a way to make a living doing what you love


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