Episode 54 THE NEXT LEVEL: David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

In this companion episode of David Tutera’s interview, Andy and Melissa Fancy take a deeper dive into the strategies that David shared.

David insists that you don’t have to love your clients, as long as you love what you do for your clients. This concept and many more are discussed in this episode of THE NEXT LEVEL!

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Episode 53 David Tutera: Finding True Success in Self Reinvention

If you’ve heard of David Tutera, you know he’s done it all.  He’s a leading expert in the wedding and entertaining business with a list of accomplishments almost too long to mention.

From sharing how he found himself in the events industry, to his foresight for where the industry is going, David dishes on everything you want to know-with the incredible motivation you need.

About David Tutera:

Originally from New York, David Tutera is a celebrity wedding planner and designer, author of seven books, television personality, and bridal fashion and wedding accessories designer.

His work has graced television for 14 years, from regular spots on The View to his own collection of television series like My Fair Wedding. David has created weddings and events for Jennifer Lopez, Elton John, Barbara Walters, the White House, the Grammy Awards, and countless others.

David currently lives in Malibu, California with his husband Joey, daughter Ceilo, and their rescue dog Lucy.

Show Highlights:

  • David’s unexpected childhood upbringing that heavily influences his outlook on life
  • David shares how to avoid burnout in a fast-moving industry
  • Why strategically re-inventing yourself in your career is crucial
  • David’s short college experience and his first post-college business
  • How old David was when he planned his first wedding
  • What David thought most wedding planners were missing when he started his event planning business
  • The challenges of starting a new wedding planning business
  • The two pivotal years that put David’s business on the map
  • His experiences on television, including the launch of his first series
  • David shares his two biggest fears, and how he uses them to find empowerment
  • The process David takes with his clients to create custom events
  • Some of David’s favorite weddings of all time (including his own!)
  • About David’s product line
  • How David has seen the wedding/event industry change over the past 30 years


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