Today’s episode of THE NEXT LEVEL is a very special one! For the first time in TNL history, we have a guest co-host. Since Melissa Fancy is on vacation, Andy has the incredibly smart and insightful Sean Low as his guest co-host today. Sean is the founder and President of The Business of Being Creative.

Sean is also a previous guest on the Wedding Biz, so if you have not listened to that show yet, you can listen here.

Andy and Sean also discuss:

  • How Bryan resisted the family pressure to become a lawyer
  • Time is money and Bryan really figured out early on how to get paid for his emotional labor.
  • Ways Bryan has created legacy clients
  • It’s not easy to put a number on the emotional value that you bring to clients.
  • Bryan is outrageous and he knows exactly who he is, which allows him to be outrageous!

In case you haven’t listened to Bryan’s full show yet, you can listen here.

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