Today’s guest co-host, Harmony Walton, joins Andy to help reflect on The Wedding Biz interview with Colin Cowie, Part 2, and how Colin finds innovation in everything.

Harmony Walton is the founder of The Bridal Bar, luxury destination weddings and honeymoon blog site, Jet Fete, and host of the Bridal Bar Radio. She has a decade of experience in marketing, consulting and brand representation in the luxury wedding industry. Harmony has many celebrity clients such as Tom Cruise and Katherine Heigl. Listen today and discover new insight on Colin’s wonderful new interview.

Show Highlights:

  • Innovation in everything and Colin’s process with it
  • Giving yourself time to think and reflect as part of your job
  • Andy’s epiphany for his podcasts from giving himself space to reflect
  • Employees retention increases when you create space for them
  • The constant need to reinvent yourself and stay relevant
  • Living in a buyers world
  • The endpoint in the sales process
  • One of Harmony’s trips she will always remember
  • Improving closing ratios
  • Pricing, budgets and how it is a sensitive topic
  • Creative value and standing firm on prices but not having an industry standard
  • Being able to admit you are not a good fit with a client


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