Andy has Julie Novack as his guest co-host today on The Next Level. Listen as they speak about Steve Kemble, who is known as “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru,” and how he brings his unique perspective to the events he plans. Julie is the CEO and Co-Founder of PartySlate. PartySlate is a photo-rich website where leading event professionals share their work, build their brand, and drive leads.

Steve has been the magic behind countless corporate events, weddings, and other ventures for over two decades. He is also one of the industry’s most visible, vocal, and unique personalities. Steve has appeared on numerous TV and Radio programs, and has received over 25 industry accolades.

Andy and Julie discuss how having a PR and Advertising degree helped Steve grow his business and why now is the time to reinvent yourself and your company. They also speak about the importance of getting your creative partners and team members on the same page, when planning an event, and how critical communication is with everyone. 

Is your company diversified? Listen as they share Steve’s insight into having diversification and how important it is to expand into different areas of your industry so that if one area is slow, you can use the others to keep the company running.

Steve is one of those brilliant planners that you can discuss for hours and never get enough of, but Andy and Julie dive in and pull out the golden nuggets from his interview. Get on Julie’s mailing list to receive PartySlates’ regular weekly newsletter.  



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Show Highlights:

  • [00:51] Welcome back to the show, Julie!
  • [01:24] Julie shares that PartySlate is staying busy even during the pandemic.
  • [02:38] Julie speaks about when she met Steve four or five years ago.
  • [03:38] Julie discusses Steve’s PR and Advertising degree and how he has made his personality his brand.
  • [07:49] Julie agrees with Steve that right now is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your business.
  • [09:11] They speak about having a diversified company, so you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket.
  • [10:46] Having your team and creative partners on the same page is critical when planning an event.
  • [11:37] Do you have excellent communication skills? Do you communicate with your team daily?
  • [14:30] Steve reminded Julie how much we all crave connection.
  • [15:06] Get on Julie’s mailing list because she has regular weekly newsletters.
  • [15:36] Thank you so much for being on the show today!


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This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Julie Novack, CEO and Co-Founder of Party Slate

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