Today on The Next Level, Andy Kushner is speaking with Valerie Gernhouser, Owner of Sapphire Events. She also created Sapphire Sessions Speaking Tour, a specialized program for wedding planners and event designers.


They speak this week about Carrie Goldberg, the Travel and Wedding Director at Harpers Bazaar. She oversees all things bridal, weddings, and travel for She is also responsible for content strategy and visuals for Bazaar’s digital travel and wedding verticals, and editor of Bazaar’s new subscription program called Bazaar Brides.


Valerie chats with us about her views, in addition to Carrie’s, on redefining luxury, how it is a feeling, not about how much money you spend. She also agrees with Carrie that brides and grooms are more focused on the emotions, what makes it unique, and that it’s all about the guests enjoying themselves.


This is also a conversation about millennials, the digital natives. Anything they want is at their fingertips, and they are very adept at finding it. You won’t want to miss it, so tune in and enjoy the discussion.




Show Highlights:


  • [01:08] Welcome to the show Valerie, it’s great to have you back!
  • [02:28] Andy and Valerie discuss Carrie’s thoughts on redefining luxury.
  • [03:15] Valerie agrees that luxury is about how you feel.
  • [04:10] You can’t put a price on the unique experience, it only happens once in a lifetime.
  • [04:35] People getting married seem to want to focus more on the people that are attending the wedding.
  • [05:12] Four-day weddings allow more opportunities to spend time with the people that attend and it gives more opportunity to wear more outfits!
  • [07:05] Valerie says that millennials were born into this digital world and they are very adept at finding out any information they need in minutes.
  • [08:43] They discuss that people today want events that are more personal and that are an extension of their entertainment style.
  • [11:05] Millenials are of a mindset that things can change on a dime. Nothing is guaranteed.
  • [11:25] They chat about Carrie’s view of brides returning to the essentials and what makes it unique.
  • [12:29] Valerie believes that there is a return to a more general consideration of people’s feelings.
  • [13:58] Brides and grooms feel a sense of empowerment because they can contribute to their own event.




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