The Next Level: Guide to Lisa Gooder’s Interview

Here’s the full guide of lessons you can apply to your daily business life as a wedding pro from Andy’s interview with Lisa Gooder, Editor of Brides.

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The Importance of the Story.

Remember your purpose – as a wedding professional, it is not about YOU or what you need. It is about the couple, their story, and their weddings. It is our job to facilitate this dream day for our clients – and when we make it about us-or everything we think we need to do a good job, we take away from what their experience is.

So take the necessary steps to do a great job, but allow the day to be 100%  about the couple and their story.


Bring it back to what’s REAL.

There is a balance between being able to create beautiful concepts and stunning designs, authenticity is making a come back in a major way, and we’re seeing more and more of that in the world of weddings. Our clients need beautiful inspiration, but they’re desiring attainable inspiration more than ever. Proof of this is how Brides is currently featuring more and more real weddings as inspiration for them to tell their own story.


Rich Photography is EVERYTHING.

What does this mean? Emotional Photography. Wedding Images that couples can connect with, that show real joy, that’s real. Bring your work back into telling the story, to sharing the inspiration that is relatable. Consider this every time you’re planning an inspiration shoot, but especially the wedding day.

Understand who your client really is, and how every part of it is a choice.

Times are Changing

Now, couples are paying for their own wedding vs. the parents paying for the wedding. Their REASON for getting married has changed. If you can really get a grip on the change in tradition this creates, this will help you to serve your clients better – and help them truly share their story. This is yet another example of why it’s SO important for us to embrace the changes that modern life brings to us and our clients. Brides sets the example for this time and time again. They have even gone so far as to change their rules on exclusivity, because they’ve recognized that a modern bride’s experience on her wedding day now includes posting to social media-both for her and her guests.

“This {the wedding} is a launching off point for what comes next”  

“The wedding isn’t everything to them. The relationship is everything to them.”


Rock Social Media like Brides!

“Instagram has changed everything”

If you’re not using social media, this is an area you can’t afford not to be on. There’s so many ways you can use the different social media platforms. Pick one you actually like  to use, and USE it! Use it to share your work, your REAL LIFE, your personality, your story.

This is part of embracing the shift, and interacting with modern brides and grooms, and showing up where they are-remember, this is where couples are finding vendors, finding ideas, researching vendors and venues before they book.

This Thing Called Balance

We all end up majorly overwhelmed at one point (or many!) in our career in this industry. It can be a real challenge to feel like we have to pick between being a human with a marriage and a family or a wedding professional with a successful business. And it often feels like even if you did choose the latter, you still might fail. It’s so important to remember that in those moments, you just have to take a step back, take it day by day, and just show up. You’re not alone in this, and it’s important to not let yourself forget about you!



Recognize that the professionals who are working together on the wedding day, need to work together like partners of the same team – because you are. Keep in mind how stressful weddings can be for clients. Not only are couples inundated with so much literal activity going on, so many people around them, but they’re also experiencing so much change – in their own relationship and in their family, in a very short amount of time. 

Don’t just create relationships with people you like, create relationships with anyone you might work with. Nurture real relationships with wedding & event professionals in your local events community and make sure you’re ready to work with anyone that you might be hired to work alongside.

So many couples today are hiring their own vendors, and you never know who you’re going to work with – so make a practice out of being friends with everyone. It’s up to us to enhance the relationships in the wedding industry. This will help you not only enjoy your craft more, but it will actually help you do a better job on the wedding day – and keep the focus where it should be – on the couple and their story.


You’re NOT Alone on the Path to Success.

Even Brides had their beginning stages, where everyone wore many hats and the “grassroots” efforts were in place. The early stages of any project or business are intense and our work is truly never done. Just remember, when you’re in the middle of the grueling hours, that everyone has dealt with it, and every success story, including Brides, is living inspiration for us all.


What Brides anticipates for the Future of Weddings:

Less Tradition, More Personalization, Self Expression, More Sharing, More Social Media


What is Brides looking for in submissions:

  • Emotional Photography that tells a story that people can relate to.
  • Real Weddings featuring with great fashion