Welcome from Andy Kushner

A welcome to The Wedding Biz podcast, from creator and host Andy Kushner.

Thank you

Charles Wiltgen, who is my undeniably brilliant show producer, editor, strategist, creative partner and great friend.

Andreea Borcea, our amazing Director of Marketing who is helping to bring brand awareness to those who can benefit most from the show!

Sean Low, my business consultant since 2011 who has helped me to structure my businesses such that I can truly let my creativity live and breathe, and fully experience my vision and dreams. Sean, thanks to your generous guidance, I not only know what is possible but also to create the impossible and know how to execute it. Your visionary perspective is absolutely awe-inspiring!

Rebecca Steele, Executive Vice President of Andy Kushner Entertainment Design, who runs the day-to-day business, is my co-strategist, handles sales, conducts Entertainment Design Consultations for most of our company-owned acts, and is a great musician herself! If it weren’t for you, Rebecca, I would not have the time and focus to dedicate to creating and keeping up this show.

Lauren Brettell, Director Of Operations of Andy Kushner Entertainment Design, who is so dedicated and passionate about her work. Thank you, Lauren, for all the work you do which frees up Rebecca and I to focus where we need. We were buried in responsibilities until you arrived! Lauren is also an incredible musician!

Dan Clarke, Director of Branding and Marketing for Andy Kushner Entertainment Design, who has helped focus us on how to communicate our mission statements in a variety of ways. Thank you Dan, for your incredible drive and ability to help us expand our audience and message. Dan also designed our absolutely brilliant website!

To all the Wedding Planners/Designers, and other Wedding Industry friends: I absolutely love our industry and am grateful for each and every one of you who not only recommend my companies but also who I have the extreme honor and pleasure to work with, week in and week out. Your creativity and commitment to your clients, and to helping provide the environment we work in is awe-inspiring!

I dedicate this show to the memory of two very special people:

My friend and vocal coach (and everything artistic) mentor, Isaiah “Zeke” Lurry, who I was so fortunate to know for ten wonderfully intense years. Zeke, I would not be the artist I am today without your love and teachings.

To Bernard “Bernie” Hairston, Jr — One of the best friends I’ve ever had, and one of the funkiest and baddest-ass bass players I’ve had the pleasure of performing with, hanging with, and learning from. Bernie, I can’t describe how much I miss you and the incredibly infectious positive attitude you shared with everyone you touched. You will always be remembered.


Theme song composition’s lyrics and music, arrangement, and production by Andy Kushner. “I Gave My Heart To You” Full length version:

  1. I Gave My Heart To You mp3

Other wedding songs written by Andy:

  • I Wait For You
  • Who Would Know

  1. I Wait For You mp3
  2. Who Would Know