Want your wedding featured in a magazine? Real weddings are becoming more popular to feature in magazines, whether online or on the printed version. Today’s guest will help you learn the best way to submit as well as discuss a host of pertinent topics.

Amy Moeller, the Editor-In-Chief of Washingtonian changed her major 7 times in college, at the University of Tennessee. Journalism and electronic media with a concentration in sports journalism was the one she landed on in the end. Join us today and also hear how Amy balances home life with her 3-month-old, and a 2-year-old while working.

Show Highlights:

  • The path Amy tried to find and realizing the path was there all along
  • What about weddings that pulled Amy in
  • Amy’s most memorable moment of her own wedding
  • Day to day life of being the editor in chief
  • Setting trends and current trends coming
  • Winter weddings becoming more popular
  • Patterns such as plaid trending instead of just two colors
  • Taking inspiration from pieces of tile
  • Couples now contributing to their own weddings
  • The empowerment of the couples impacting the industry
  • Traditions of weddings, some are being skipped
  • Online media presence and how it affects Amy
  • The overall social media strategy for Washingtonian Weddings
  • The best way for the industry and couples to submit weddings
  • How they decide what topics to cover for the Washingtonian Weddings
  • What it is like to be a guest at a wedding for Amy
  • Balancing Amy’s life with her career


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Amy’s email: amoeller@washingtonian.com.


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