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The Wedding Biz Named in “The 11 Best Wedding Podcasts to Listen to Now” by Brides.com

Brides.com recently compiled a list of the top 11 must-listen-to podcasts for anyone planning a wedding (especially during a pandemic). The Wedding Biz landed on the publication’s top wedding podcast listing for giving listeners all the “behind-the-scenes elements of weddings,” thanks to Andy’s conversations with notable experts in the wedding industry.

Here’s what they said:
Whether you’re newly engaged or you’ve been a wedding industry professional for decades, this is an excellent podcast to tune into. During each episode, host Andy Kushner, founder of The Wedding Biz Network, interviews key players in the wedding industry who talk about the behind-the-scenes elements of weddings, pricing for various vendors, budgeting, and wedding tips. “It’s not every day that a couple can get a chance to speak with experts and ask open questions, but this podcast allows you to hear the best advice from the most reliable sources in the industry (not to mention for free),” says Ann Travis, Michigan-based planner and owner of Ann Travis Events.

Andy as the Featured Special Guest on the Nayri Unveiled Podcast

In this week’s episode of Nayri Unveiled Podcast special guest Andy Kushner of The Wedding Biz Podcast joins in talking all things handling fear and feeling burnt out in business. How he fell back in love with his work and the birth and purpose of The Wedding Biz Podcast. 

Andy Kushner Featured on The Wedpreneur Podcast, with Mary Swaffield

Episode 20: Lessons from Big Names in the Business with Andy Kushner – In this interview, I’m interviewing the interviewer! I’m joined by the host of the Wedding Biz podcast, Andy Kushner. He’s sharing some of the amazing lessons he’s learned from interviewing some of the biggest names in the Wedding Industry – and it’s inspiring, to say the least!

The Wedding Biz Receives a Mention in Harper’s BAZAAR Bride

The Editor at Harper’s BAZAAR recently published an article for BAZAAR Bride on “The 20 Websites You Can’t Plan Your Wedding Without”, personally picking every product included in the feature. In the article’s “Know the Pros” section (#6), the author includes a recommendation of The Wedding Biz Network’s founder, Andy Kushner, and his flagship show, The Wedding Biz, as a way to “[get] to know the people behind those businesses”!

“Scouring our lists of the best planners, photographers, videographers, event designers, and florists is always a good idea, but once you’ve landed on a short list, getting to know the people behind those businesses is key. The Wedding Biz, hosted by Andy Kushner, features in-depth interviews with event industry thought leaders. While the podcast is designed by an industry vet for the industry, it’s another way to get to hear the voices and stories of luxury creatives you’re considering working with for a year (or more) of planning.”

Andy Interviewed by Laura Alotaibi on the Party Planning Radio Podcast

A must listen for DIY Brides… Laura Alotaibi talks with Andy Kushner of Kushner Entertainment and host of The Wedding Biz Podcast as they talk about the important things to consider when planning your wedding.

How to Get Started in Podcasting with Tips from Andy Kushner

If you’re ready to start your own podcast, you can learn from Kushner’s trials and tribulations. In the beginning, Kushner felt like there were times when interviews got away from him a bit. Kushner tries to steer his interviews with a direction in mind, but he also aims to create a dialog during his podcast episodes.

So, what do you do when the interviewee takes over a bit and is leading the conversation? The style that the Wedding Biz aims for is potentially conversational: Kushner’s tip is to simply interrupt. Politely interrupting can be uncomfortable, but in order to stay in control, doing so may be needed. While you can edit audio in a podcast, most are essentially recorded live shows, so letting the interviewee ramble too much can end up hijacking the content of the entire interview.

“The interviewer needs to stay in control to direct the flow of the conversation and the direction of it. I’ll just say, ‘Hey, if you don’t mind, I’d like to interject,’ and even if I want to completely change the direction of the interview, I feel like that is okay,” Kushner shared.

Andy Interviewed by Clinton Hufft on ‘Wedding MBA’ Podcast

There is no better education than a one-on-one interview with a thought-leader, recognized expert, or veteran of the wedding industry. Experience the distilled power of top interviews. The crème de la crème of wedding leaders share their insights, tips, and predictions about the state of today’s wedding world. Manage fear and self-doubt. Understand the role of risk-taking. Pricing strategies.

Andy Kushner Featured on BizBash’s, GatherGeeks Podcast

Visitors look to BizBash for venue discovery, event style, technology, and tools for their next event. Thousands of event professionals attend in-person events in major cities in the United States and Canada! Listen in as Andy Kushner discusses how vendors—which he prefers to call “creative partners”—can become more strategic, helping craft an experience rather than just providing a service.

Andy Interviewed by Darrell Darnell on the Pro Podcast Solutions Podcast

What happens when the most prolific thought leaders and icons in the wedding and event industry get together for a conversation with the super creative Andy Kushner? You get The Wedding Biz Podcast. It’s Andy’s goal to elevate the wedding and event industry by interviewing top professionals in the industry.

Andy Interviewed by Alessandra Macaluso on the Real-Deal Brides Podcast

Episode 11: Entertainment Talk with Andy Kushner – “This episode kicks ass because I talk to Andy Kushner, a well-known Entertainment Designer who truly gives an experience like no other. I liked him right away the very first time we connected and once you listen in you’ll understand why. Seriously, he makes me want to plan a wedding again, which if you know me says a LOT.”

Andy Interviewed by Bruce Wawrzyniak on ‘Now Hear This’ Podcast

Andy Kushner: Singer/songwriter turned entertainment business owner in the Washington, DC, area but with an international footprint. Previously working a day job in the corporate world and being pitched by one of the most successful and highly respected publishing companies in Nashville at the time, he now has an entertainment design company that has been featured in the likes of the Washington Post and whose top act is internationally known, having played the opening of a stadium in Mexico, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, and very recently in Singapore. He talks about walking away from the Nashville opportunity as well as the ins and outs of his current endeavors.

Andy Kushner Talks About Wedding Playlists on The Bridechilla Podcast

I am hoping that this episode’s guest, Andy Kushner, from Andy Kushner Entertainment Design, will convince you that your music and entertainment choices should be considered with as much forethought and gusto as catering and your venue, as chosen wisely, it will transform a wedding into an unforgettable event. Andy is going to help us get our shit together when it comes to shaping our vision for the day, in particular using live bands and interactive wedding entertainment to the mood and atmosphere that you envisage.

Andy Interviewed by Nick Snapp on the Make It Snappy Podcast

Episode 46: How to Work Less in Your Corporate Gig (with Andy Kushner) – Andy Kushner is a Corporate Hacking extraordinaire who’ll teach you a thing or two about his process for cutting through the corporate environment. I found the two of us very much aligned with our philosophies on working to live, not living to work, and ensuring that everything we do is rooted in purpose.

Andy Interviewed by Eddy Babbage on the Wedding Industry Insider Podcast

In this interview, Andy shares some of the most profound lessons he’s learned from his 20 plus years of business experience and from his in-depth conversations with top influencers in the wedding industry.