Bill Bowen is the Founder and President of Suburban Video based out of Rockville, Maryland though he travels worldwide. Being able to look back and watch a video, that was so artfully created, is a gift that the rest of us can enjoy for the rest of our lives. Knowing how to capture all the precious moments, and the details that become so emotionally impactful, are what Bill is so gifted at doing.

Join us today as we discover why Bill finds his job so satisfying and learn why it’s his heart that guides him. Prior to becoming a Videographer, Bill was a private investigator, so listening to his personal story is not only fascinating but also educational and inspirational.

Show Highlights:

  • Bill’s career before he became a videographer
  • Where Bill’s passion for capturing stories came from
  • Background on how Bill started working weddings
  • Making sure you video from all angles getting guests reactions as well
  • The general process from when Bill first meets wedding clients through the entire event
  • The most satisfying part of Bill’s job
  • How Bill views the business side of his company
  • How Bill approaches price and value
  • Social Media and what Bill thinks about it
  • Corporate events verse weddings and some differences
  • The magic of his Legacy Films
  • Difference between a good Videographer and a great one
  • Some really great tips for aspiring Videographers
  • How Bill defines success


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Love Story of Ritu & Vikram

1st place Telly Award Winner

1st place Capital Award of the International Special Events Society

Espirit international award winner

This film was to shown to 450 guest on a large screen just before they were introduced in their reception.  It was a huge hit and a very dramatic way to introduce the bridal couple. This award winning film was as much fun for our couple as it was for us to create!

Their love story played on a large theater screen during their reception.  Guest loved it.


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