According to celebrity makeup artist, Carl Ray, makeup is a reflection of inner beauty and Carl is an expert on helping individuals express this. He is an esteemed professional with years of experience working with numerous individuals and high-profile clients. From weddings, celebrities, to traveling with Michelle Obama, Carl has seen it all. In this episode, Carl shares his experience and tips he’s learned throughout his career that you can apply to your own daily routine. To learn more about Carl and how he’s established himself as a makeup artist, tune into this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Show Highlights:

  • Bringing out people’s inner beauty by getting to know them
  • What influenced Carl to become a makeup artist and how he got his big break
  • How Carl got the position to work with Michelle Obama
  • The pressure that comes from working with celebrities and fashion icons
  • Honoring the culture and paying homage with the makeup choices in different places
  • Conflicts that can occur when working with a team
  • Creating a timeless look and being age appropriate
  • How social media impacts Carl’s business
  • Tips for applying your own makeup
  • How to distinguish between a good and a great makeup artist
  • Factors that determine what makeup lines to use on different people
  • Carl’s career goals for the future
  • Recommendations for getting a great headshot
  • Long term skin care advice to look great
  • Skin care habits men should adopt


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