As any Creative knows, getting started can be a challenge. Christian Oth is no stranger to the effort that goes into success. He moved to New York City when he was 19 years old in order to go to photography school, and he went from having to pawn his only camera, to owning his own wedding photography business. Today, Christian sits down with Andy to tell his story and to offer advice to aspiring photographers and Creatives.

Christian’s Bio:

Christian  Oth,  Founder  and  Creative  Director  of  Christian  Oth  Studio,  is  a  world-renowned  editorial  photographer  who  has  pioneered  a  distinctly  evocative  and  authentically  emotional  editorial  style  through  his  approach  to  photography.  His  experience  over  the  past  two  decades  in  fashion,  photojournalism,  portraiture,  advertising,  still  life  and  celebrity  portraits  combines  into  a  singular  method  that  has  come  to  define  the  aesthetic  of  contemporary  wedding  photography.  Named  one  of  the  world’s  ten  best  wedding  photographers  by  American  Photo,  Christian  leads  a  team  of  twelve  photographers,  each  supported  by  a  dedicated  staff  of  photo  editors,  designers,  retouchers  and  project  managers,  at  his  acclaimed  studio  in  Manhattan.  His  editorial  and  advertising  work  has  appeared  in  top  publications  including  Vogue,  Vanity  Fair,  Harper’s  Bazaar,  Martha  Stewart  Weddings,  Brides,  The  Knot,  Grace  Ormonde,  Town  &  Country,  PDN,  and  many  others,  and  his  discerning  clientele  hails  from  around  the  world,  including  award-winning  actors  and  actresses,  entrepreneurs,  artists,  philanthropists  and  visionary  leaders.  For  more  than  a  decade,  Christian’s  authentic,  evocative  approach  to  shooting  a  couple’s  wedding  has  refined  the  discipline  into  an  art-form—a  process  that  continues  to  evolve  with  every  client.  “My  photographers  and  I  approach  each  wedding  with  fresh  eyes.  I  like  to  be  open  to  new  visual  stimulation  and  come  up  with  unique  shots  based  on  the  personality  and  energy  of  each  couple  and  the  day  they  created.  It’s  out  there  if  you  know  where  –  and  how  –  to  look.”

Show Highlights:

  • How Christian knew he wanted to be a photographer since he was 17
  • How having his own website in 2001 put him ahead of the competition
  • The value of constantly being aware of your surroundings
  • Christian shares how his approach varies with each wedding and couple
  • The most important ingredient between a couple and photographer
  • Why it’s vital to let go and trust your wedding photographer
  • The role environment plays when it comes to photography
  • What Christian enjoys about his clients who are more visually aware
  • The approach Christian takes when it comes to his business and being the “boss”
  • How social media is changing the business of photography
  • Suggestions and the importance of networking
  • His major announcement about his innovative new program: Jetsetters



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