Edgar Zamora is the founder and lead designer of the highly acclaimed Revelry Event Designers, the industry’s go-to event and interior design company specializing in designing and installing private, as well as corporate events worldwide. Edgar is a “Transformer of Spaces”, having an innovative and progressive design view. As president and CEO of Revelry Event Designers, Edgar’s exquisite event furniture has transformed events such as the opening of Disney Hall, celebrity weddings including Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston, Shaquille O’Neal and Sofia Vergara (just to name a few) and a slew of Oscar parties including the famous post-Oscars Governors Ball.

Listen along as Edgar and Andy discuss how he seamlessly translated his talent for draping mannequins to event design. Stories of his childhood inspirations and travel adventures are shared between the two. Together, they also recall the tour Andy personally received of Edgar’s venerate 125K square foot company warehouse which not only showcased the level of esteem Revelry Event Designers but also the connection Edgar has with each of his employees. Listen here for more!