Listen, as Andy and Heath Alan Ray discuss Neillie’s insights into having different streams of income under one umbrella, how using this pause for the pandemic to reassess your company can be beneficial and much more. Heath is the owner and Creative Director of Jackson Durham, a full-scale event design house. 

Neillie Butler is the Founder of Mariee Ami, a multimillion-dollar wedding and event planning firm in the Southeast. Ami a Vie, their new lifestyle brand, extends their community beyond their clients by engaging blog content, social media, and an online shop of entertaining artisanal essentials.

Listen, as Heath shares how his company is using the downtime to reorganize and downsize inventory. They discuss Neillie’s pricing model and how using a percentage-based model instead of a flat rate model allows for better cash flow and budget distribution.

Do you ever caption your pictures on Instagram? Andy and Heath talk about how this is an enormous part of what Neillie does on social media. Instead of just posting a picture, she adds a caption to enhance the emotional impact so you can feel the meaning behind the image. Heath and Andy have a great conversation about Neillie that you won’t want to miss. 

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:58] Welcome to the show, Heath!
  • [03:02] Heath discusses Neillie’s idea of having graphic design, drapery, and lighting under one umbrella.
  • [04:40] Heath shares what his company has done with the downtime during the pandemic.
  • [06:53] Heath speaks about how charging on a percentage basis allows a standard for the distribution of a budget.
  • [08:59] Heath discusses his and Neillie’s use of social media and its importance for businesses.
  • [12:02] Do you post strategically on social media?
  • [14:02] Heath shares a thought about planners and designers and how they convey emotion.
  • [15:05] Heath, thank you so much for being on the show!


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