“Everything you see in life that has impacted the world in any form or way started as a dream.” Listen as Andy and his guest Abi Matesun discuss what Abi means by this statement, why he left Nigeria, how he started in photography and the transition into film, and much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Abi is the Founder and CEO of Malekfoto Films and Malekfoto Weddings. Abi is a two time Emmy-winning cinematographer, filmmaker, photographer, public speaker, and two time Telly Award winner. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Abi studied Management and Information Systems at the University of Texas.  

“Catching all the moments between the moments.” Listen as Abi tells the story of how he films weddings, and his process when he meets with the couple for the first time. He and his team then do a storyboard so they can make life easier for the wedding planner. He says they want to be like a special forces team. Their footprint is very small, but their impact is unforgettable.

Abi speaks about the story behind his documentary Inner Conflict, the love story Fire and Ice, that he filmed in Iceland, and how important the music is to his work. Abi also speaks about how he handles the business and artistic side of his business and how the pandemic is affecting him both personally and professionally. 

“Success is doing better tomorrow than you did today.” Abi is so insightful and passionate about his life and his work, and the way he views his art is so different from anyone else you will ever meet. Take the time to listen to the brilliance of Abi Matesun.

We are all experiencing quite a bit of stress and other issues during this pandemic. Andy has put together a list of the top ten tips for dealing with stress, which he has compiled from interviews with icons of the wedding and event industry. If you would like a copy, go to www.theweddingbiz.com/toptips.



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Show Highlights:

Show Highlights:

[02:39] Welcome to the show, Abi!

[04:14] Abi discusses the educational system in Nigeria and why he went to school for Quantity Surveying.

[05:40] Abi shares how he ended up moving to the United States.

[07:38] What was your impression of the United States when you arrived?

[09:30] Abi speaks about the photography company he started while in college.

[11:17] Abi discusses the transition from photography to cinematography.

[13:50] He shares a wedding for his friend that became the catalyst for Malekfoto Weddings.

[16:00] Abi explains the story behind how he shoots weddings.

[16:54] Listen as Abi speaks about his process when he first meets with a couple.

[18:32] Abi shares a story about one of his favorite weddings.

[20:46] Do you storyboard with your team for a wedding?

[22:47] Abi discusses his documentary, Inner Conflict.

[24:06] Listen as Abi shares the story behind his film, Fire and Ice.

[25:59] How much thought do you give to the music in your films?

[28:19] Abi speaks about how he views the difference between business and art.

[30:24] Abi shares what his topics are at his speaking engagements.

[31:38] How is the pandemic affecting you personally and professionally?

[33:51] Abi gives some advice for professional cinematographers or filmmakers that want to get to another level.

[35:18] Abi shares what success means for him.

[37:23] Thank you for being on the show!




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