Andy’s guest co-host today is Alejandra Poupel from Alejandra Poupel Events out of Paris, catering to an international clientele including Chinese, Middle Eastern, Russian and American, all of whom have different expectations based on their cultural perspective. Listen as they discuss Rob’s idea of perfect simplicity, how he likes the natural beauty of flowers, and the royal events he has done, plus much more on this episode of The Next Level.

Rob is the owner of Rob Van Helden Floral Design Limited, out of London. His previous clientele includes Nelson Mandela, Joe Malone, Elton John, and Royal weddings and events including Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday. 

Alejandra discusses how Rob respects the flower’s beauty, his use of props when he designs arrangements for events, and the Royal events he’s done and how beautiful they always are. Alejandra also shares the one thing in Rob’s interview that surprised and pleased her the most.

Listen as Alejandra shares how she is handling the pandemic personally and professionally and how the industry as a whole is coming together to support each other and lend a hand when needed. 

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Show Highlights:

  • [01:05] Welcome to the show, Alejandra!
  • [02:05] Alejandra discusses how humble Rob is and how he expresses his brand.
  • [03:12] Alejandra shares how much Rob respects flowers and why he uses the term ‘perfect simplicity.’
  • [04:04] Listen as Alejandra speaks about his use of props when he designs.
  • [06:31] Alejandra discusses the Royal events Rob has done and how beautiful his work was.
  • [09:08] Was there anything in Rob’s interview that surprised you?
  • [10:55] Alejandra talks about Rob delivering his arrangements during the pandemic and how, as an industry, they are coming together for support.
  • [13:16] Alejandra speaks about how she is handling the pandemic on a personal level.
  • [14:16] How has the pandemic affected your business, and how you connect with your employees?
  • [17:41] Thank you so much for being on the show!


This Week’s Guest Co-Host, Alejandra Poupel of Alejandra Poupel Events

Alejandra Poupel

Alejandra Poupel Episode 221 on The Wedding Biz


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