Andy is so happy to bring Chioma Adure Nwogu-Johnson to this episode of The Wedding Biz! Chioma is the creative director of Dure Events, a full service wedding and event planning company based in Houston, Texas. Chioma has planned events across the United States, Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, South Africa, Dubai, Paris, and more! She has also been featured on platforms such as CNN, Ebony Magazine, Essence Magazines, Bridal Bliss, and many more!

Chioma walks us through her story, such as where her love for planning events comes from and how it began to manifest right in childhood even though she initially thought that she wanted to sing and dance on Broadway. She also shares her design signature and how she personalizes the experience for each and every one of her couples, her love for cooking, how she balances the business side of what she does with the creative side of it, her pricing philosophy, her social media and marketing strategies, how she stays relevant in an ever changing industry, and more!

Andy thanks Chioma for the wonderful conversation and hopes that you will enjoy listening to it! Be sure to visit Chioma’s website and social media handles, and until the next episode of The Wedding Biz, please be sure to share this interview with at least three good friends who might also benefit from it, and leave a great review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:38] – Andy reveals that this episode’s guest is Chioma Adure Nwogo-Johnson of Dure Events.

[1:58] – Chioma discusses her childhood.

[4:48] – Chioma reveals how she first got into events planning.

[7:33] – We learn about Chioma’s mentor.

[8:55] – Chioma describes her signature.

[11:05] – Chioma expounds upon individualizing and personalizing wedding experiences.

[13:33] – Chioma enthuses over her job being a form of therapy but how it can be emotionally draining.

[15:09] – We discover that Chioma cooks to unwind and destress.

[18:22] – Andy and Chioma discuss the business side of what she does.

[20:34] – Chioma reveals approximately how many weddings she does per year.

[22:37] – Chioma talks about her pricing philosophy.

[24:54] – We learn about Chioma’s social media presence.

[27:40] – Chioma does, she explains, have a quirky side to her personality.

[29:44] – We learn more about Chioma’s focus on multicultural weddings.

[32:44] – Andy offers insight about offering a counter solution when you have to say no.

[33:47] – Chioma asserts how she keeps up with change and stays relevant.

[36:59] – Chioma stresses the importance of humility and accountability.

[38:52] – We learn where we can find Chioma online.


Find Chioma:

Dure Events – Website

Dure Events – Facebook Page

Dure Events – Instagram Page


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