Meg Smith of Meg Smith Photography joins Andy in this episode to talk about her photography! Meg has done photography for celebrity weddings such as those of Anne Hathaway, Jimmy Kimmel, Governor of California Gavin Newsom, LeAnn Rimes, and the late Robin Williams. She has also photographed engagements for Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie. Meg is a frequent contributor to Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country, and InStyle Magazine, and her photographs have also been featured in many other publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, and Glamour. Her images have also graced covers and been featured in books including, but not limited to, InStyle Weddings and Vera Wang on Weddings!

Meg dives into so many interesting topics such as how, early in her career, she photographed riots and protests such as the Gulf War riots and Take Back the Night. She discusses how she really wanted to be a part of history in those ways and how they are examples of photography being found rather than created, as she is interested in authenticity and integrity. She also talks about framing and lighting, what the most difficult part of her job is, how she handles nerves, the importance of knowing who you are and finding contentment, and so much more!

Andy had such a fun time talking to Meg about all things her photography and appreciates her willingness to be so open and vulnerable in this interview. He really hopes that you also enjoy your time listening to the conversation and encourages you to check Meg out on her website and on her Instagram page! Until the next episode of The Wedding Biz, please share this interview with at least three good friends and/or colleagues who might also benefit from and/or enjoy it, and leave a review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:51] – This episode’s guest is revealed to be Meg Smith of Meg Smith Photography.

[2:10] – Meg talks about how photographers in her family influenced her.

[5:31] – Meg reflects on a darkroom that her father built for her when she was younger.

[6:28] – Meg discusses the relationships that she had with mentors.

[8:32] – We learn about photographable moments that are found rather than created.

[10:52] – Meg talks about her tendency to alternate between film and digital.

[13:03] – We discover what Meg thinks about photography elements such as framing and lighting.

[14:28] – Meg discusses her typical process with her clients.

[17:38] – Andy shifts the conversation toward celebrity clientele.

[20:26] – Meg shares insight about different locations where she has shot photos.

[21:35] – Meg gives examples of challenges that she has had to overcome.

[24:33] – Meg acknowledges nerves and how they are to be expected.

[26:55] – Meg encourages people who want to go into similar fields as hers to be true to themselves

[29:08] – Meg discusses contentment and how she feels finding it.

[30:55] – We learn what type of photography equipment Meg uses now.

[32:54] – Andy reveals where we can find Meg online.



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