Joining Andy in this episode of The Wedding Biz is not one but two guests – Gina Esposito and Sheena Meekins! Gina and Sheena are best friends turned business partners who are the owners and principal photographers of Anée Atelier, a wedding photography business based out of New York City. They are listed in Brides as being one of the best wedding photographers in the United States and are also listed in Harper’s Bazaar as one of the top wedding photographers worldwide!

Andy actually had the pleasure of meeting both Gina and Sheena in person when he produced the music for Daniela Braga’s wedding, at Amanera in the Dominican Republic and they handled the photography for it. Today, they chat about various things like how they each developed their love for photography and their prior experience in photography prior to meeting and forming Anée Atelier. They also reflect on their friendship prior to partnering in 2016 and how their friendship led to the business partnership, how photography is a method of storytelling and how the story needs to be told via the client’s perspective, what their collaborative process usually looks like, how they respond to and handle pressure, what their hopes and goals are for the future, and so more!

Andy really appreciates Gina and Sheena taking the time to talk with him about their business and careers as wedding photographers, and hopes to have another opportunity to meet them again in person in the future! Be sure to visit their website and their Instagram page, and also be sure to share this interview with at least three good friends and/or colleagues who might benefit from and/or enjoy it and to leave a top review of the podcast wherever you listen!

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Time Stamps

[0:47] – Andy reveals that today’s guests are Gina and Sheena of Anée Atelier.

[2:20] – Gina reveals where she developed her passion for photography.

[4:56] – Sheena addresses the various magazine titles that she did marketing for.

[7:36] – We learn more about Gina and Sheena’s friendship.

[10:48] – Gina touches upon having had to rebrand after partnering with Sheena.

[11:43] – Gina reveals where the name of the company came from.

[13:26] – Hear about wedding photographers looking through their clients’ eyes.

[16:03] – Find out about the negative side of Gina and Sheena always working together.

[18:45] – Gina walks us through their general process with clients.

[20:24] – Sheena adds to the conversation about the collaboration between Gina and herself.

[22:26] – Andy, Gina, and Sheena discuss things being socially different because of the pandemic.

[23:42] – Gina asserts that she and Sheena thrive in especially challenging situations.

[24:46] – Sheena discusses whether or not a major publication changes their approach.

[26:06] – We learn about the most difficult aspects of the job.

[29:40] – Discover how Gina and Sheena work in both digital and film.

[32:50] – We hear where Gina and Sheena hope to be in a few years.

[35:29] – Andy shares where Gina and Sheena can be found online.



The Wedding Biz Episode 400 DANIELA BRAGA: A Professional Model’s Dream Wedding

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