If there’s anyone who knows all the ins and outs of party planning, it’s Norma Cohen. Norma started planning parties on her own for her friends when she was only 12 years old. Later, she became the youngest female, at 16, on an Executive Board of Directors of the community center. And at 18 she opened her own business, Party Expressions. Listen in to find out why, after several attempts to leave the business, she just couldn’t keep away for long.


Show Highlights:

  • The first time lighting was used to change the ambiance of a room
  • Norma shares her process for planning an event
  • What she recommends on how to bring out a client’s personality
  • How it is possible to have a successful career without a college education
  • Where and how Norma discovers new ideas for future events
  • What the biggest turn ons and turn offs are from a Planner’s perspective
  • Why it’s important to prepare for unexpected outcomes
  • The moment that caused Norma to completely change her style of design and planning
  • What success means to Norma and the goal she sets for herself every day


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