Longtime and/or regular listeners of The Wedding Biz will likely remember today’s guest as she is no stranger to the show! Returning to The Wedding Biz to once again chat with Andy about what she does is Julie Novack, C.E.O. and co-founder of PartySlate! Founded in 2016, PartySlate is an online resource full of photos that connects people who are planning events of all kinds with leading event planners, venues, and vendors. It is also a place where leading event professionals can share their work, build their brands, and drive leads. Before founding PartySlate, Julie held executive positions at top-tier digital agencies such as Razorfish, Vibes, and Agency.com, and with more than two decades of digital marketing experience, Julie has brought so much expertise into the events industry and has helped some of the biggest brands in the world!

Julie discusses some of the positive outcomes of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as how so many people were so eager to collaborate and rebuild relationships that had been put on pause. She also offers her opinions on administration and virtual assistance, whether or not she believes a recession would negatively impact the events industry, why it’s important to invest in your digital footprint and how to go about doing it, how to differentiate your brand, what trends that she is currently seeing in event design, and so much more!

Julie never gives interviews that disappoint as they are always full of reflection, tips, and advice, and this one is certainly no exception! Be sure to click here to register for a free PartySlate profile as well as here to sign up for a free website or Instagram page review! As always, if you can think of at least three good friends who would benefit from and enjoy this interview with Julie, be sure to share it with them! Andy would also really appreciate it if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already and to leave a top review wherever you listen! That really helps out the show and helps people find it!

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Time Stamps

[0:24] – Andy is excited about going to New York City!

[0:48] – Today’s guest is revealed to be Julie Novack of PartySlate!

[2:15] – Discover when PartySlate got started.

[3:04] – Julie reveals what it was like to return to work following the pandemic.

[4:41] – Julie admits that administration isn’t her strength.

[5:53] – Julie discusses virtual assistance.

[6:49] – Learn how Julie feels about the possibility of a recession on the horizon.

[8:17] – We are advised to invest in our digital footprints.

[9:27] – Andy encourages us to go back and listen to episode 373 of the podcast.

[10:12] – Julie offers more specific advice on how to optimize our digital footprints.

[13:16] – Andy and Julie talk about differentiating our brands.

[14:53] – Discover whether or not COVID is still impacting attendance at events.

[16:04] – Julie identifies current trends in event design.

[17:45] – Julie has been thinking about PartySlate expanding globally.

[19:39] – Hear what Julie offers in the way of coaching and consultation.

[22:26] – Julie shares where we can find her online.



The Wedding Biz – Episode 373 JULIE NOVACK: Optimizing Your Digital Footprint

The Wedding Biz – Episode 415 REVISIT: Julie Novack – PartySlate & Building A Venture-Capital Backed Business


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