Corbin Gurkin of Corbin Gurkin Photography joins Andy today to talk about her unique journey as a wedding photographer. Corbin has photographed weddings in places as diverse as California’s wine country, the beautiful beaches of Thailand, country estates in Ireland, the hillside villages of Tuscany, and more. Her work has been regularly featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, and Town and Country, and she has also won PDN Top Knots Wedding Photography grand prize award!

Learn about how Corbin had originally planned to be a war photographer but eventually decided to become a wedding photographer. She also dives into how she makes standard aspects of weddings such as toasts unique and artistic, what drives her as an artist, what it was like photographing Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner getting married, how she feels about film vs. digital, how the wedding industry has changed since she started shooting wedding photography twenty years ago, and so much more!

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Time Stamps

[0:00] – The sponsor of this episode is Zola.

[1:44] – Andy announces today’s guest as Corbin Gurkin of Corbin Gurkin Photography.

[2:40] – Corbin reveals that she initially wanted to be a war photographer.

[4:33] – Andy pivots the conversation toward Corbin capturing unique moments.

[6:20] – Corbin argues that the endgame of all weddings is the same.

[8:34] – Corbin offers insight into her subjects being vulnerable.

[10:20] – We are walked through Corbin’s process with her clients.

[12:42] – Corbin discusses having pertinent details about an event.

[16:18] – Learn about Corbin having shot Joe Jonas’ and Sophie Turner’s wedding.

[19:24] – Corbin compares and contrasts editorial work with wedding work.

[20:28] – How does Corbin feel about film vs. digital?

[21:57] – Corbin identifies time constraints as one of her biggest challenges.

[24:37] – Why did Corbin hold off on hiring employees for a bit?

[25:54] – Corbin explains how the wedding industry is different now than when she started.

[28:57] – Corbin discloses how she puts together a cohesive editorial spread.

[30:46] – Discover what gear Corbin is currently using.

[31:49] – Andy reveals where we can find Corbin online.


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Photo by Corbin-Gurkin

Photo by Stephanie David

Photo by Stephanie David