Today’s episode marks the second appearance by Kiana Underwood of Tulipina, an internationally renowned floral design studio that creates bespoke experiences for luxury weddings and events around the world. Kiana herself has been named one of the top wedding floral designers in the United States and is the #1 most followed floral designer on Instagram. She is also the author of Color Me Floral (which covers the secrets to designing show-stopping monochromatic arrangements for each season), the host of sold-out international workshops, and has been featured in many prestigious magazines. Her work is always in demand.

When Kiana was last on the podcast, she talked a lot about moving past fear in order to make opportunities happen, and she talks a bit more about that today, discussing the challenges that she faced as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and what long-term plans were affected or even canceled because of the pandemic. She also stresses how important it is to her to not become stagnant as an artist and as a businesswoman (giving examples of how she reinvents herself), how she balances her work life with being a mother of three teenagers, how she unwinds, and so much more!

Andy really appreciates Kiana’s time and is grateful for her being so open and vulnerable on the show, and he hopes that you enjoy listening to his conversation with her. If so, he would really appreciate it if you would share the podcast with at least three good friends who would also get something out of it and would also be appreciative if you were to subscribe to the podcast if you aren’t already so that you never miss a new episode. Be sure also to leave a top review wherever you listen because that really helps out the show and helps people find it!


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Time Stamps

[0:00] – Today’s sponsor is Zola.

[0:30] – Learn that today’s guest is returning guest Kiana Underwood of Tulipina.

[1:32] – Kiana discusses how she was actually lucky during the COVID-19 pandemic.

[2:18] – How did COVID impact Kiana’s plans?

[3:30] – Kiana discusses times that she had to face fear over the last couple of years.

[6:16] – Andy argues that successful entrepreneurs still have challenges.

[8:07] – Kiana confirms that she still faces fear and struggle.

[9:03] – Hear about how Kiana reinvents herself.

[10:26] – What inspires Kiana?

[12:27] – Kiana gives us an example of a wedding that she did in Minnesota recently.

[15:24] – Kiana touches upon how she juggles her work life with being a mom.

[17:48] – Does Kiana ever feel burned out?

[18:41] – Learn about how Kiana gets past feeling burned out.

[20:23] – Kiana describes her morning and evening routines.

[21:57] – What about the near future is exciting to Kiana?

[23:23] – Andy shares Kiana’s contact information.



The Wedding Biz – Episode 435 REVISIT KIANA UNDERWOOD/TULIPINA: Setting Fear Aside to Embrace Ambition and Find That Spark of Creative Genius

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