In this week’s discussion, photographer Greg Lawson takes Andy through his museum-like gallery in Sedona, Arizona, to explore the fundamentals of his philosophy on human nature. This is a departure from the typical episode, released on The Wedding Biz, in that Greg is not an event industry photographer. As Andy says, this is an unusually grounding conversation which he and so many of us need to have from time to time in our hectic lives.

Our conversation with Greg is unlike any you’d heard with a traditional photographer. Greg got his first camera when he was 14 and considers himself a naturalist and discoverer at heart. He will leave his home and on a whim, for one to four weeks at a time, to simply drive, experience new cultures, and photograph whatever speaks to him. Greg is on a mission to share the positive side of the world with others, and photography helps him achieve that goal.

His latest project, “The Principle Movement,” emerged from the idea that principles—like empathy, integrity, loyalty—are the basis for our positivity. He believes a greater focus on principles would allow for a more just society. More than anything, he highlights the beauty of human nature, and why people and animals at their core are the same.


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