“A lot of musicians and bands make the performance about themselves; we make our performances about our clients and their audiences.” Listen in as Andy and his guest, Jordan Kahn, with Jordan Kahn Music, discuss how important it is to know your audience and play what will resonate with everyone that attends plus much more on this episode of The Wedding Biz.

Jordan and his business partner Chris have ten bands with the premier one being the Jordan Kahn Orchestra. They perform events worldwide and Jordan, as the face of the company, is known for his promotional and sales savvy. He has also performed for many of the most significant event industry showcases around.

Listen, as Jordan shares when he realized music was his path in life and what he learned at Berklee College of Music that still helps him today. He speaks about managing multiple bands once he graduated and how much he loves singing, seeing the audience’s reaction, and getting people on the dance floor. Jordan also shares why he brought on a behind-the-scenes partner.

Jordan gives details on what working in a foreign country is like, he talks about his friend Chris and why they became partners and some conflicts they had when they first started working together. He also chats about where he sees music going in the events world and where Jordan Kahn Music Company will be in the next few years.

Jordan and Andy speak the same language and give us their insight into music and events that we might not get to hear otherwise. This one of those great conversations that you don’t want to miss. 



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Show Highlights:

[01:28] Jordan, thank you for being on the show again!

[02:08] Jordan shares when he realized music was what he wanted to do.

[04:30] Jordan speaks about being involved in musical theater, and how going to synagogue helped him develop a better sense of tonality.

[06:12] What do you feel that you left Berklee College of Music with, what stuck with you?

[08:05] Moving people emotionally is one reason he loves to play music.

[10:01] Jordan shares about managing multiple bands.

[12:20] Jordan loves singing and getting people up on the dance floor and seeing the audience’s reaction.

[13:54] Jordan speaks about his business model and his business partner.

[15:12] When did you realize that you wanted to bring on a partner?

[17:06] Jordan chats about being an Emcee and how he captures everyone’s attention.

[20:11]A lot of musicians and bands make the performance about themselves, we make our performances about our clients and their audiences.”

[21:43] Jordan shares how he handles the full range of demographics in the crowd and how he plays music that makes everyone feel included.

[22:48] What is your typical process with a client from the time you meet them until you perform for them?

[24:04] Jordan talks about getting in and getting out smoothly and knowing the laws and fees in foreign countries.

[27:12] How do you handle situations in foreign countries that don’t have everything you need?

[28:59] Jordan speaks about the duty he and Chris have to their business and musicians to elevate them to the highest level.

[30:09] Jordan chats about what they did to get people to attend a showcase in a city where they were not yet known.

[31:22] He talks about his friendship with Chris, and when they became partners.

[33:43] Jordan shares his definition of luxury.

[35:39] Jordan speaks about some conflicts he and Chris had when they first started working together.

[37:47] Where do you see music going in the event world? Where do you see yourself going?

[38:48] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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