On the most important day of a couple’s life, family and friends gather to share a moment with two people committing their lives to one another.

However, there’s one person everyone is going to be looking at all night—the bride. Selecting the right dress is one of the most stressful decisions in the whole process, as any bride will tell you.

Julie Sabatino is here to take some of that stress off. Julie the original wedding fashion stylist and founder of The Stylish Bride

Listen in and see what Julie has to say about her experience, the biz, and some of the things most brides don’t consider when shopping for “the dress”.

We’re excited to announce that she’ll soon be releasing her new podcast on our network tomorrow! Be sure to subscribe to her show, “The Stylish Bride”.

Show Highlights:

  • Julie’s first step when working with a new client
  • What techniques Julie uses to determine the bride’s style
  • Julie’s experiences with working with brides with different body types
  • The most enjoyable part about what she does
  • Advice to Wedding Planners if a bride isn’t able to get a Bridal Stylist
  • What you should do before you start shopping for your dress
  • Why you should start shopping for the dress in advance
  • Julie shares some of her favorite weddings she’s worked
  • Suggestions on how to interact with the wedding photographer
  • What to consider when it comes to the hair and makeup artist



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