Just because something is tradition doesn’t mean you can’t play by your own rules. For Kristin Banta, that’s the name of the event designing game. From her youth to present, Kristin has always marched to the beat of her own drum, questioning the status quo and asking the question many of us forget to: why are some things done a certain way, and who says we can’t change them? Her background in a variety of positions ranging from acting to set design led her to eventually creating her own business, Kristin Banta Events. Kristin helps her clients throw amazing events and weddings that celebrate the guests of honor using some unconventional and out of the box ideas.

In today’s interview on The Wedding Biz, Andy and Kristin share what it means to throw tradition out the window, and how creatively satisfying it can be to see events through a whole new perspective. She shares insights into how she’s put on weddings without a single flower, how she tells her client’s stories using unique materials and designs, how she’s found the way to actualize her career in the most fulfilling and creatively charged way imaginable. Her interview is available right here.